Thursday, 8 November 2012

About this Blog

This blog is a laymans effort to provide some commentary on the various misandric memes that exist in Western society, whatever form they may take; it also hopes to provide a positive spin on negative issues, as well as providing some positive ideas for men, which are based on some masculine principles like self-sufficiency, self-authority (rather than deferring to others as an authority figure), the spirit of endeavour, and so on.

The author is from that foggy little island known as Blighty, i.e. England, so his opinions may pertain more towards English culture, or generally Western culture, rather than all cultures.

I try to keep the blog upbeat and light-hearted (most of the time anyhow) because, frankly there's enough bleak, pessimistic and generally grim news and views floating around both on the net and conventional news channels, and I don't want to contribute to it.  So I wont'!

On the whole the blog is safe for most ages.  Though it would probably get a 12 or 15 rating in the cinema because of occasional bad language.  This is a rudey-nudey free zone, meaning that it is safe to look at at work and other environments.  You won't find any nookie related photos here.  Oh no.  The only time you'll see photos of booby's is when I'm doing a post on ornithology(!)  The only objectionable sight you may encounter here is the occasional bout of effing and blinding, which may be in response to some real-life insanity, or used in a jovial sense.  No offence is intended.

Some of the posts topics (Havamal Snippets and Men of Yore) are recurrant, week after week, these are here for a particular reason, and those reasons are given below:

Havamal Snippets:
Each post is on one verse/stanza from the Norse poem Havamal with my own thoughts on the verse. The Havamal provides plenty of good common sense advice that is free of 21st century psychological jargon, and importantly, is brief! Brevity is a much undervalued attribute these days.

As the poem is also purportedly written by Odin (or someone who has had contact with the God) it means that the branches of thought contained in it are born from a single metaphysical tree, meaning that they are on the whole congruous with one another, making it easier to understand. If they weren't from the same metaphysical tree then there is strong possibility that they would contain mixed messages that would confound rather than help the reader.

Men of Yore:
Each post is about one man from history, though principally the modern period, who has had a positive influence on the world in one way or another. The intention of this series is to provide the reader with a number of positive examples of men from throughout history. The men are to be considered as a kind of background voices, like counsellors giving helpful advice, rather than as superhuman-idols which is how great men are often portrayed in mainstream culture. A man acting as a guide gives freedom that a superhuman-idol does not. A counsellor stands beside you and leaves the path in front of you open, thus allowing you to express yourself, to express your own masculinity. In contrast an idol stands in front of you and dominates your mind, which denies you the ability to express your own will. The Men of Yore series therefore encourages the reader to see these great men as guides offering help and positive encouragement, leaving the reader to express himself in his own way.



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