Wednesday, 28 November 2012

On Female MRAs and Androsphere Commentors:

Leave them well alone.  Use an oversized barge pole if needs be, or whatever you have at hand: pike, halberd, partisan, pitchfork.  They're not interested in your 'rights' in any sense of the word, either legal or social.  They only want to be seen that way, to convince you that they are something that they're not: a threat to your manhood.

From commentor Rivelino:
>>> 'just like i can’t support susan walsh cause she’s the worst kind of threat to betas trying to become real men — she *pretends* to be “for alpha” but is really just for “better beta”. <<<

Take this hypothetical situation for instance:
[Me] "So, you say that you're a proponent of MRA's."
[An eager fresh faced filly] "Yes!  I've got lots of evidence to prove it."
"Have you.."
"Yes, yes." [She rummages through a large handbag and pulls out a small button badge].  "Look.. I've got a badge from a Pro-Man march."
"Uh huh"
[She rummages around some more and pulls out a book] "And here's one of Warren Farrells books."
"And look.. look.. here's a leaflet for a Fathers for Justive march."
"And I've been writing pro-male dating on my blog 'The Sleeping Princess."
"The Sleeping Princess.."
"And.. and.. I'm a regular commentor on Roissys blog and Vox Days blog."
"Are you now.."
"Who really really like me."
[In a drole tone] "Really.."
"Oh.. Oh.. Why won't you believe that I like real men.  I do.  I really really do!"
[Looks at her scepitally]
"Oh, but why wont you believe me?!" [She says with her eyes twinkling and grinning widely]

And so it goes, on and on and on, forever they try to convince you that they are something that they're not.  They want to ingratiate themselves to you, to make it seem like they are an ally and not an enemy.  It's the same with female MRAs:  in her desperation to prove how much she is in favour of real men, she thus demonstrates how much she wants to be 'seen' to be in favour of men.  Either seen by you or seen by others.  Her displays of pro-men badges, her list of pro-men blogs, her awareness of the injustice system, the books, name dropping Thomas Ball or Matt O'Connor etc etc, and all of these are totally and utterly ostentatious.  She has no genuine interest in them at all.  She has no interest in you, or men, or injustices against men.  They are designed to fool you, to convince you that she is something that she's not.  To convince you that she isn't a hostile posing as a friend.  Be ware these women, to believe they are genuinely in favour of you remaining, or becoming more manly is a hazard to your mental well being as a man. 

In truth, as Rivelino typed, they just want to mould men (that means you) in the shape that they want, depending on the 'mood' they're in.  They want you domesticated, beta-sized, emasculated, an emotional wreck, tame, emotionally insecure etc, so that when they want to dress you up, like a toy doll, in whatever mental and physical costume 'they' want you to be in, then they can do so.  Susan Walsh wants that: a tame duck that she can dress up in biker leathers and take off to her soirees and parade around like some butch mannequin.  Remember, women don't care about anything you want, their only concern is themselves and their ego/vanity, and that includes those who publicly and ostentatiously 'proclaim' to be in favour of 'real men'.


  1. Here's a thought on side-switching feminist-friednly women (i.e. 'fair weather friends') by rex Patriarch:

  2. Real men? REAL MEN? what does that even mean?? Men's Rights? You have all the rights. YOU ARE PAYED MORE THAN WOMEN. A woman can be considered "too masculine" because she wants a career. You make this seem like its all about MEN. I'm sorry yes some women are going to try to make men into what they want men to be, but that's not a female trait. Men do that too. LOOK AT THE MEDIA. Everyday I'm bombarded with what women "should" look like. I have to be 6 feet tall size 0 and a double D. Men have always been trying to make women what they want them to be so what are you even talking about?? your anti-feminism is a perfect example of that. Men and women are both just people we should all have the same rights how about People's Rights Activists?? You seem very ignorant about genders and its people like you that make me want to burn gender roles to the sad sick ground they sit on. I missed my lunch for this.

  3. @ anoynmous,
    I'll deal with each of your points in turn:

    1. Women do not earn less than women. Here is a link to a Forbes article that disproves the Feminist claim:

    “Feminist hand-wringing about the wage gap relies on the assumption that the differences in average earnings stem from discrimination. Thus the mantra that women make only 77% of what men earn for equal work. But even a cursory review of the data proves this assumption false.”

    2. You're not bombarded with images of what you ought to be like. There are countless articles that encourage women to 'be happy with themselves' and 'not care what others think'. This is probably one of the contributing factors as to why female obesity is so high in the West - because they're not shamed into keeping in shape. See Matt Forneys article on 'Fat Shaming'.

    3. The notion that men choose and shape women is laughable. Women choose their partners, and then choose to divorce them (women initiate ~75% of all divorces). This shows that women exercise total control over what type of man she breeds with, and what type of man fathers children. That is power.

    4. Men and women are indeed both people, yet they have massive differences that many people try to ignore. Hence why the govt and others try to get women into male occupations to which they are wholly unsuited e.g. the military, leadership roles etc.

    5. Finally men do not have all the rights. In marriage they have none - see no fault divorce. In fatherhood they have none - a woman can 'abort' a foetus. In parenting they have none - a woman can 'win them' in the familiy courts and stop their father from seeing them. The list goes on and on. Read MRA sites and learn the truth.