Saturday, 22 December 2012

How to Remedy Hypergamy:

'Have every man be a King, have no King above any man.'

If every man is a king then every woman will have eyes only for her man, because there will be no king above him whom she can have hypergamous feelings towards.

In practical terms this requires two things: firstly, a minor government/ruling group in a supporting role that maintains an environment of honesty (e.g. punishing businesses that sell loaves of bread half filled with saw-dust, or shops that sell 3/4 pint of milk which has been labelled as '1 pint'); secondly, that each and every man is empowered to self-determination, which ensures that he is not subordinated to another man.

This view of 'all men as equal' tends more towards Anarchism than centralism, i.e. a small government not a big one, so Libertarianism should be a political system/culture worth following.  But it is not, because it is principally rebellious/Reactionary, and men are Actionary (they being things, create things) not Reactionary.

Libertarianism is like a teenage kid who is rebelling/Reacting against his father, just because his father is there - a big authority figure.  If his father (big government) was not there then the child (Libertarian) would find something else to rebel against, most probably a 'Big Business' like Shell, Halliburton, MacDonalds etc (ditto for the Libertarian).  Rebelling does nothing to empower men, it's only good for those who enjoy 'The Daily Rant', who want some oppressive father figure to complain about.  It creates nothing.  It empowers no-one.  It wants to be oppressed by a big King figure, which means that it is no good for those who want all men to be Kings.

Actionary people (those who create, innovate, explore etc) are concerned with doing things and spreading 'their' knowledge.  Actionary people are good for men: they tend to have the Promethean spirit which empowers men with knowledge instead of keeping it in a secret Guild.  Public Libraries, Open Source Software, free patents, free online lectures, free legal advice, gender based truths from the androsphere etc, these are things that empower men by making the knowledge available to all, rather than disempowering men by keeping the knowledge hidden away.  Empowered men mean that every man is a king, disempowered men mean that they are slaves to another.

Empowering men means a country of self-sufficient farmers, not a country of Monsanto clients; it means a country of SMEs, not cubicle-slaves to big business/government; it means a country of public journals, open media and free patents, not a country of pay-wall journals, media cartels and pharmaceutical patents.

If there is any Supra-King figure above a man, then a woman will have hypergamous feelings towards that Supra-King.  To rid the world of hypergamy make all men a King.



  1. I'll have to share this with my husband. An actionary is certainly what he aspires to be, but since he lacks the language to describe this I'm sure this would give him inspiration.

  2. Glad you found it helpful.

    Yeah the general gist of the idea is to encourage men to express their own creative instincts rather than reacting to other people’s ideas. Men like Buckminster Fuller, Nikola Tesla, and Alexander Graham Bell expressed their own creative instincts and we can see the results of those instincts in the inventions that they made (geodesic domes, the telephone, and AC-DC electricity respectively). These are the types/characters of men that society should be familiar with.

    In contrast to this there are men who ‘react’ to others, like the activist Michael Moore who rants and raves about ‘evil corporations’ all day long. These are the types of characters that we should distance ourselves from because they don’t create things and position themselves relative to others. Basically they position there lives relative to other people.

  3. Yes, I've never seen the appeal in Moore (and others like him) for that very reason. Much more profound are the men who craft the world or condition we live in, and those men you named certainly made their mark.

    It was very helpful, thank you! I've been in the process of reassuring my husband that he, in fact, has power and worth in his masculinity; discussing this post with him enhanced his perspective. I'm hoping that he'll take flight on his own with enough support.