Thursday, 27 December 2012

Topless Women.. at Al Jazeera!

You know, Al Jazeera, that media broadcasting station based in the backward, intolerant Muslim Middle-East; you know, the Middle, East, the place and culture that supposedly oppresses women, by allowing them to take their clothes off, live, on television, as a form of protest:

This is just part of the misportrayal/misperception of Middle-Eastern culture as a place where only women are oppressed (be it by wearing the Hijab, Niqab, forced marriages, stonings for adulteresses etc).  Never will you here of the oppression and mistreatment of boys and men reported in the same manner.  A nation of abused boys become a nation of abused men, and a nation of abused men produces an abused ruler:

Saddam Hussein, like so many dictators, had an unbelievably traumatic childhood.38 His mother tried to abort him by hitting her abdomen with her fists and cutting herself with a kitchen knife, yelling, "In my belly I'm carrying a Satan!" She gave the infant Saddam away to his uncle, a violent man who beat the boy regularly, calling him "a son of a cur" and training him to use a gun and steal sheep. Saddam committed his first homicide at eleven. ( )

Even in the case of forced marriages, only the bride to be is portrayed as the victim, never is the husband portrayed as the victim.

Forced marriages and headscarfs we hear about (women suffering), conscription into the army and male genital mutilation we never hear about (men suffering).  Whether you're watching/reading to media from the East or West, the odds are that it is rotten with misandric memes.  Whether it's identified as culturally liberal or culturally conservative makes little difference, it's probably loaded with misandric memes.  So who can you get your news from?  Get your news from people you can trust, and people who value manhood.

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