Friday, 28 December 2012

What is the Male Equivalent of Female Carouselling?

Question:  What's the male equivalent of Female Carouselling (women spending the most fertile years engaging in promiscuous sex with multiple partners)?

Answer:  A man spending his years of peak prosperity (in wisdom and monetary terms) with casual sex partners and/or whores rather than with his children.

Why?  Because a woman is spending the most fertile years of her life with casual sex partners, the result of this is that their eggs are older.  Older eggs = unhealthy children (more chance of genetic disorders, trisomies etc).  Thus by spending her most fertile years sleeping around, she decreases the quality of life for her children.  So the same can be said for a man who spends his time and accumulated wisdom not on his children, but with other women (casual sex or whores).  The result of this is that the children's quality of life is decreased.

Women sleeping around during peak fertility = decreased quality of life for their children.
Men sleeping around during peak prosperity = decreased quality of life for their children.

Who suffers as a result of women and men fucking around (literally and proverbially)?  The children, both biologically (35+ year old Oocytes ain't genetically healthy), and psychologically (absent fathers breed deprived children).

Messed up children breed more messed up children.  Generation after generation.  If you want to live in that kind of society, that's fine.  You only live once.  But for those who concern themselves with the future, the fact is that promiscuous societies don't last.

What's the alternative to a promiscuous society?  Women investing their physical bodies when they are their most valuable, and men investing their mental bodies when they are their most valuable.  See Rollo Tomassi's post on 'Sexual Market Value' here ( for a relevant aged based graph.



  1. Indeed; it takes two to tango, but it only takes one to mess things up. Both sides must commit themselves completely if their children are to benefit. Presently women are not committing, as evidenced by the fact that they initiate the majority of divorces, which means that the children suffer, which is causing men to turn away from them. Women must commit and submit to their husband for everything to stand a chance of running smoothly.

    1. If women are the ones initiating the divorce, wouldn't that be a sign that the men aren't committing?

      As you said yourself, "it takes two to tango". If you expect your wife to "submit to [her] husband for everything", you're obviously not putting any effort into the relationship.

      (Note that buying her gifts she didn't ask for is NOT the same thing as putting any "effort" into the relationship if she's not allowed to ask anything of you.)

    2. Well, no, in a word! If men are not initiating divorce then it shows that they are commited to the relationship. A more mundane example of mens commitment would be sports. You only need to see the commitment of male sports fans to their 'home team' even if the home team gets relegated. Women don't show that level of commitment. if they did then they wouldn't be the ones initiating 70%-90% of divorces.