Wednesday, 26 December 2012

When Men are Out on the Street, Women Give Shelter to Donkeys:

I just saw an advertisement on television promoting, or selling, or something, the opportunity for people to give donations for old or unwanted donkeys.  They had a snip showing a woman caring for a donkey: she was caressing its head, in the same manner that she probably would a small child.  Then there was a panning shot of a field full of formerly unwanted donkeys who were now happily living out the rest of their natural lives whilst human women doted on them and took care of their needs; giving them shelter, food, warmth and, probably, medical care when it was most needed.

Then a thought occurred to me, well, two things actually:
Firstly, that, as some tribal Africans pointed out on a documentary on Channel 4 (yes, I watch television) whilst they were in the UK visiting Prince Philip, that there were homeless men out on the streets, in the cold, during winter, whilst the woman that they were staying with was pampering her dog at the local poodle parlour.  She was treating an animal, which most humans consider as play-things, better than she was a homeless man. 

Secondly, why is it that women treat homeless animals better than they treat homeless man?  Is it something that's so ingrained into their psyche, that they have such total disregard for men, that they would rather let a play-thing that they could otherwise eat in a casserole, have a place call their home, rather than giving that place to a human, to a man?  Is that how much women really think of us?  Lower than cattle?

If that's the way that they, women, look at us, men, collectively, then why should I give a fuck about what happens to them? 

If I didn't give a fuck about them (by which I mean I was indifferent to them, be their condition be better or worse) rather than be hostile towards them, then would that matter?  Evolution as a reason for showing compassion to women isn't an acceptable one because Alpha Males in other primate species are known to kill all of the young/offspring of the former Alpha Male, that includes the female offspring.  Post menopausal women are null in reproductive terms, so they're also worthless from the Evolutionary argument point of view.  So the argument for me giving a flying fuck about women because of Evolution is completely, totally, specious.

If you're a monotheist, then you could probably cook up whatever argument you want.  Though the Old Testament portrays God as, seemingly, permitting genocide, thus not giving a fuck about women from other races is acceptable.  It's possible, possible, that Christs comment to the Samaritan woman about giving 'dogs' scraps from the table could also be interpreted as indifference to the fate of women, and women of other races.

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