Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Blast from the Past 1!

An reprint of an RSS feed from the now defunct In Mala Fide website.

The Fall fo the Female as Gatekeeper:
by Giovanni Dannato

An ordinary female has more power than the greatest kings and the richest, most famous of men. She is the gatekeeper who determines the future of the human race.

With this power comes great responsibility. Responsibility that is mostly handled on an instinctual level. These impulses originally came into being to select for men with desirable traits in an ancestral environment. In this environment, what was best for the species came naturally to her.

Agricultural civilizations brought about an increase in her responsibilities. She could no longer simply act on her every impulse. She had to restrain herself and think through important choices carefully.
In the present civilization, most of these restraints have been removed by great social wealth. Not understanding who she is, she neglects her responsibilities to her people. Not only must she usher in the next generation, it is her duty to choose fathers who will promote the betterment of the species.

However, the man she naturally favors may be especially well suited for hunting, fighting, persuading, and leading small groups but he is scarcely capable of building or maintaining a civilization. Nor has he the abstract reasoning ability to understand how the actions of millions add up to a tragedy of the commons.

Indeed, if one would gauge the potential of a populace for civilization, one would do well to simply talk to ordinary people on the street and see how many can understand how a Tragedy of the Commons works. If most people can’t think abstractly enough to understand the consequences of collective action, there’s absolutely no potential for any sort of benevolent society. And a society without any ability to pursue larger goals soon becomes the despondent vassal of any neighbor that has even the slightest ability to organize. The women who tried to escape into the arms of primitive chieftains once again find themselves the paramours of ordinary men.

Whenever a civilization reaches a level of wealth that frees most of its women from social obligations, the same pattern recurs. Left to their own devices, women fail to make the choices that will make their society more competitive in the next generation. In effect, this is a factor limits the possible extent of human social development. Over millennia we see civilizations repeatedly hit this wall.

If females prove incompetent when it comes to making the choices that will carry their people forward, they will eventually be fired.

There are many great powers in our world and sooner or later, especially as certain technologies mature, the temptation to take over the reproductive process will be too great. We do well to consider that the incentives are particularly strong for the first to succeed. Whoever does so gets the strongest advantage over everyone else.

Rather than bury ourselves in wishful idealism, we do well to understand the true nature of this situation.

The days of women as unquestioned default gatekeepers cannot last forever. We do well to see that one of the most important struggles in human history is approaching. A struggle over who gets the power to choose what traits are desirable and which not for a new human race.

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