Monday, 4 March 2013

Al Jazeera Demonstrates the Middle East is NOT a Patriarchy

If you thought that the Middle East was a centre of the Patriarchy, that women were treated worse than men, and that the media also portrayed women as second class citizens, then you're wrong.  Just check out the listings on a television segment called The Stream on Doha based Al Jazeera and see how many feminist stories it shows.  It is also hosted, seemingly exclusively, by two women.  Here are some of the stories that they run on their show:

Mar 01: 
Miss Big Arabian Beauty
Lebanese react to crowning of the region's first plus-size pageant queen.

Feb 28:
Beyond the 'Angry Black Woman'
Why do black female stereotypes continue to resurface in the US?

Feb 27:
Saudi Women Sit-in to Take a Stand
Protesters arrested for denouncing detention without due process.

Feb 15:
#1Billion Rising for Women
Global day of action calls for a Valentine's Day without violence.


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