Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More Misandric Memes: Sex Tourism?

If you think of sex tourism you will probably think of bald, white, middle-aged men with glasses.  You'll think of Gary Glitter and sexual deviancy in Thailand, Singapore and the far-east in general.  You wont however think of women, be they young or old, flying to overseas tourist spots looking for young men to have sex with.

Why wont you think of women when the phrase 'sex tourism' is mentioned?  Because men are constantly portrayed in the media and accepted in the population as sexual deviants, predators, and everything bad under the sun.  Male sexuality ('all men are rapists') and sexual desire are also stigmatised ('can't you think about something other than sex?').  Women's sexuality and sexual desire are however never stigmatised.  They are either never mentioned, or are mentioned only in positive terms (empowering, free spirited, in touch with her feminine side, blah blah blah).  Thus the population wrongly perceives that men are the only ones who engage in sex tourism.

This portrayal of men as the only sex tourists is wrong and is another aspect of the misandric meme throughout society.

And finally, for those who think that it is just 'middle aged' or older women who are getting on in life and losing their looks, or women with a local Sexual Market Value, think again, many of these women are middle-class (thus moderately financially secure), average looking women (thus not desperate, ugly wenches) who are just travelling abroad to have sex with some hunky foreign, brown-skinned peasant.  Lets be honest here the class and race divide is obvious; firstly, the stereotype of the 'Latin Lover' and the 'Frigid Anglo Wife', and secondly, look where the prime sex tourist destinations are 'Italy, Greece Croatia, Turkey, Spain, The Republic of Macedonia, Lebanon, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand, Gambia and Kenya are the primary destinations for female sex tourism. Tunisia, Morocco, Fiji, Ecuador and Egypt are lesser destinations' these are neither rich white countries (e.g. Finland) or poor white countries (e.g. Chile).

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