Saturday, 9 March 2013

What is the Androsphere?

If you're new to the Androsphere/Manosphere, have never heard of the term before, and want to know what it actually is, then please peruse the following links to understand more about it.

For a definition of what the Androsphere/Manosphere is check out the following links:

If you want to know the difference between an Alpha and a Zeta, a PUA and an SMV then please click on one of the following links for the jargon busting glossary:

If you want to know why exactly the Androsphere exists at all, then click on Professor Mentu's explanation for the why of it all:



  1. I teach earth science and ecology at a high school on the Navajo reservation. The term "androsphere has been used in science textbooks for several years to refer to the effects that human activity and human civilization have upon the biosphere. Please drop your misuse of the term and stick with your own perfectly fine and descriptive invention, "manosphere". Thank you, Joe Pacal

  2. AFAIK The term Anthroposphere is used in academia, not andropshere.