Friday, 5 April 2013

Being Permanently Pissed at the World is not Helpful:

As the title says, it ain't helpful.  Not to you or anyone else for that matter.  Just look at Ferdinand Bardamu and Eternal Bachelor: they raged for so long and ranted for so long that it wore them out.  As Ferd said,  'Ferd is not who I am anymore'.  That particular rage fuelled frame of mind had served it's purpose: to break out of the shell of misandric BS that was oppressing him; just like a chick requires rage to peck and break it's shell to get to the outer world.

All emotions have there own purpose and life span.  Use rage when it's necessary, use anger when it's necessary.  Know when to pick up other emotional tools and put anger to one side - ready for use on another day.


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