Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Three Types of Chieftan:

There are three types of Chieftain (one who heads a group of people): Rulers, Directors and Leaders.

Rulers set out detailed lists of rules and regulations that are used and obeyed by the masses.  The rules dictate every waking minute and every single thought of the masses.  2500 Calories per day, 2 litres of water per day, 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, 8 hours of sleep per night, 4 units of alcohol per day, 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day blah blah blah..  This is the type of living that a Ruler sets down for his mob.

The mob that are ruled over are ruled over because they want to be.  They don't want freedom (because true freedom scares them), but instead prefer regulations, limitations, boundaries, as well as goals to head towards.

The type of person who is ruled by a Ruler is a womanly-woman or a totally slavish man.  She does little thinking of her own and will act with hostility to those her threaten her tightly dictated world.

Directors are like the medieval Master stone-masons: they gave their apprentices and underlings principles and guidelines by which they worked.  They tell the underling that a new building project has to be constructed using 'the Golden Ratio' (or whatever), or had to have XYZ proportions incorporated into the fabric of the building, but other than that the underling is left to exercise his own creative faculties.  He could shape a gargoyle or a pillar or a window as best as he saw fit.  He could exercise personal agency: freedom in creation.  Thus he participated in the construction of the building to a greater extent than a Ruled person would do.  A 'Spirit of the law' rather than 'letter of the law' type of person.

The type of person that is underneath a Director is a manly-woman or a womanly-man.  They have a desire for freedom but still need a set of principles or guidelines around which they can operate.  Something to which they can position themselves relative to.

A leader is a mad-man.  He doesn't really know that he's leading, it's just something that happens to him.  He is fully possessed by some charisma, some inner drive that he can't help put blaze out onto the world, and shapes it thusly.  He has an effect on people around him to such an extent that they are sucked up into his madness his frenzy and get whirled along like a rocket powered carousel.  He is largely ignorant of the people that he leads, and when he does happen across them he just uses them like he uses hammers or saws or anything that he needs.  People love him and they don't know why.  They are sucked up into his way of being (because it is not from the realm of cognitive thought), thus they end up imitating him, his way of life, his way of being.  It's intoxicating.

The type of person who follows a Leader is a manly-men or totally liberated woman.  They have a desire for freedom, and want to determine their own lives, rules, principles and so on, yet they are lacking in some magical spark, some blazing light, so they follow the one in front of them and position themselves according to it.  They are not really aware of being under the leadership of this blazing one, they just follow his Lead intuitively, and lives their lives accordingly.


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