Tuesday, 7 May 2013

For All of the Bloggers and Commentors Who Wax Lyrical About Enjoying the Decline:

'Enjoy the Decline' is a wicked, malevolent meme, which needs to be purged from it's victims like the influenza virus or a demonic spirit, starved of attention and left to die.  Left to die so that it's former host can life in the future, shape it and enjoy it.

'Enjoy the Decline' is a malevolent meme for two reasons:
1 - It convinces people that the future is unchangeable and fatalistic.

2 - It is an evil meme because it downplays the very real suffering that will inevitably be experienced by children 'IF' a Mad Max style apocalypse ever occurs.

Firstly, the 'Enjoy the Decline' meme presents the future in such a way that it appears so unchangeable, so fixed and determined that you can't even interact with it.  'Enjoy the Decline' turns the future from something malleable/changeable in to something deterministic/fatalistic.  It makes the future turn into some cartoon-like Greek god that you can't interact with, but can torment you from afar:  The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bilderbergers, 100,000 unemployed, billions of dollars being pumped into the economy, banks being bailed out with billions of dollars etc.  All of these things I can do nothing about.  Nothing.  Yet they sit there and torment me.

A being that can torment and subject you to misery but you can't fight back is intolerable.  Who wants to live in a world like that - a world you can't change?  Fuck that for a lark.  No wonder men are committing suicide in such high numbers: along with suffering a protracted youth which is harmful to them, they are being told that they can't shape the future.  Bollocks to it.  No man, no son of God, wants to live in world he can't shape, a world that's un-free.  This is why 'Enjoy the Decline' is malevolent, because it makes the future appear totally fatalistic and unchangeable.

Once the believer is convinced that the future is unchangeable, it precipitates other bad memes like passivity, and shying away from problems.  It basically turns the believer into a Schizoid, and Schizoids are mentally detached from the world because they were confronted by something in their youth that they found totally overwhelming.  And an economic crash that you can do nothing about 'is' totally overwhelming.  If there's nothing you can do to stop the economy from crashing then you begin to see other problems in a similar light:

- Can't get laid (then give up, there's nothing you can do about it).
- Getting fucked over in the divorce courts (then give up, there's nothing you can do about it).
- Lost your job to immigrants who work for less then minimum wage (then give up, there's nothing you can do about it).
- Neighbours keeping you awake all night with their drum 'n' base music (then give up, there's nothing you can do about it).

That's what 'Enjoy the Decline' me
me does to you, it turns you into a passive spectator in your own demise.  Like some voluntary twinkie or gimp who just sits there and takes it.  It's fucking insidious.  And what's worse is that supposedly moral people, self-identified Christians, perpetuate it.  Here's a fucking clue for ya' guys: God wanted, correction, wants, you to be an 'active participant' in creation, not a 'passive subject' to it.

The 'Enjoy the Decline' meme is secondly evil because it trivialises the inevitable suffering that children will endure following an 'economic collapse'.  Any societies that reverts back to a hunter gatherer type society will not be a happy one.  The idea that Hunter gatherers are happy joyful people who never do any harm to anyone is a myth started by Rosseau and Margaret Mead, and perpetuated by Insane-Greenies, neo-luddites/technophobes, Bruce Parry and Ray Mears.  A myth.

If you're a regular reader of blogs in the Androsphere, then you're probably familiar with various myths that are peddled around society, such the myth that 1/4 women will be raped/beaten in their lives.  A myth that is unquestioningly accepted by the modern 'politically Correct' Western world is that hunter gatherer societies are happy and joyous places where nothing bad ever happens.  This is known as the myth of the 'Noble Savage' [1].  In hunter-gatherer societies emotional and physical violence against men, women, and, most importantly, children is considerably higher than it is in industrialised/civilised societies.  Here are some examples to illustrate this from Lloyd Demause 'Chapter 7 Child Abuse, Homicide and Raids in Tribes':

New Guinea mothers are so violent while using their children sexually that the children regularly blame themselves as they are hurt by them:
"Mother twist penis, tight, tight…Hurt, hurt, inside. Cry, she not listen… Mother not like my penis, wants to cut it off… [Wounds himself with a sharp stick.] …Now it hurts here, outside, not in penis. Look, blood. Feels good… Good to be a girl, no penis."

The custom of raping Aboriginal [Australian] children, eating “every second child” and making the older children also eat them is termed “a quite favorable picture” by Roheim.96 Mothers regularly forced their children to eat their newborn siblings “in the belief that the strength of the first child would be doubled by such a procedure.”97 Sometimes the fetus would be “pulled out by the head, roasted and eaten by the mother and the children” and sometimes “a big boy would be killed by the father by being beaten on the head” and given to the mother to eat.

The mutilation of boys [in Sudan] is “a practice that serves as a core rite of passage for young men,” sometimes removing all the skin from the penis, the chopping off of girls’ genitals is practiced upon “ninety percent of all women in Darfur,”

For every punk mother-fucker who prints another article based on the evil meme of 'Enjoy the Decline', showing statistics of rising unemployment, rising inflation level, the return of the second depression, increasing divorce rates, and decreasing educational standards, fuck you.  Die.  You wish misery upon people.  Misery like in the three examples given above.  Not only do you wish misery upon people, but you actively take delight in it.  Fuck..  And you do it just so that 'your theory' can be proved right!  That YOU can be proved right and someone else proved wrong.  So that YOU can say "I told you so, I told you so.  I knew it was going to fail."  And let's be frank here.  That's what all this is about: self-fucking-righteousness.  You just want to be able to brag to other people that YOU were right and THEY were wrong.  You're like some hypothetical sicko who travelled on the Titanic predicting it's demise JUST so you could be on it when it sank, and you could point out to all of the other people on board "Hah!  I knew it was going to sink!  I told you so!  But you never listened to me! [blows a raspberry]".  Fucking punks.  Pieces of fucking shit.  Drop your bullshit beliefs or fuck off to Somalia and die.
Masochistic, cowardly, by-standers to child abuse, that's what people who 'Enjoy the Decline' are.  You, yes you, who read this and who 'Enjoy the Decline' will not be welcome in the kingdom of God, in the future, in Midgaard with Baldur following Ragnarok.  You will be rejected.  Turned away, denied, refused entry.  Drop your errant ways, your malevolent memes, or else you will endure the tormenting fires of Musspelheim or the bleak loneliness of Niflheim where you will be properly fucked.  It's your choice.

[1] The myth is more accepted in the 21st century West than in 19th century because white people are told that criticising foreigners and their cultures is morally wrong.  In Leftist circles this is called 'cultural relativism', and it basically means that one culture cannot criticise another because Leftists believe that 'all opinions and lifestyles are equally valid, and should therefore not be criticised'.



  1. Did you read Aaron's book? It's not about hopelessness, it's about adapting to changes that have already occurred.

  2. No I haven't read the book. I was completely unaware of it until it was mentioned on http://vultureofcritique.wordpress.com blog, and I agree with the sentiment that it said: that you should make the most of the time you have (make hay while the sun is shining). But that's not the sentiment that I've seen on androsphere blogs (like Vox Day), where the focus seems to be on what's going wrong (ie the economy taking a nose-dive) and seemingly taking some perverse pleasure in it.

    I can only hope that that particular attitude (enjoy the decline) falls by the way side. It doesn't do much for one's morale.

  3. You should read the book and the blog (Captain Capitalism.) "Enjoy the decline" is Aaron's 'signature' line and I think you're missing what others understand about it (from reading Aaron.) He doesn't take pleasure in the fact that the economy is tanking; his plan is to enjoy life anyway, buy not letting the decline drag him down.

    He has acknowledged that "The American Dream" is no longer realistic, and he advises people to stop wasting time, energy and money chasing it. The rewards are no longer likely to be worth the risks. He's saying out loud that it's OK to pursue a different "dream," a realistic and rewarding one. He is rejecting out of hand, society's shaming of people (especially young "productive" men) who refuse to prop up a way of life that is disappearing forever. That's not bad for morale, it's good. It offers hope and direction.

  4. And what about those that do not believe in God? Or rather the typical "Christian" interpretation? What then?

    Aaron Clarey has popularized a meme that gives a meaning and voice to those that have taken the red pill understand but can't quite explain.

  5. Suzanne, if the bloggers who focus on the decline were more focussed on the good in life, then I wouldn't have anything to grumble about, and this post wouldn't exist.

    Bill Powell and Mind Weapons at Ragnarok focus on what you 'Can' do the things you can Enjoy/take pleasure in; whether it's something like changing a career, climbing a tree, or owning an allotment. Those are positive suggestions/ideas, that should be encouraged rather than foucssing on 'falling employment figures' or 'outsourced jobs' or 'devaluation of the dollar', which is what I commonly see in 'Enjoy the Decline' blog posts.

    'He has acknowledged that "The American Dream" is no longer realistic, and he advises people to stop wasting time, energy and money chasing it.'

    That's something we can both agree on: living out someone else's dream life doesn't mean that you're going to be happy. Each to his own.

  6. 'And what about those that do not believe in God? Or rather the typical "Christian" interpretation? What then?'

    So long as you don't do harm to others, or take pleasure in other peoples suffering then you'll be fine, regardless of your metaphysical/religious beliefs (whether you're an atheist, agnostic, deist or whatever). It's whether your attitude to others is positive or not. My gripe is with the people who seem to enjoy the fact that the country is 'going down the pan', and that's definitely not a postive thing.