Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Look into my eyes; deep, deep into my eyes...

Medua, by Franz Stuck

The look of a persons eyes can have a grip on a persons soul/psyche in the same way (and to the same extent) that a woman's big, hemispherically shaped norks has a grip on a man's unthinking faculties.

If you want to know what the effects of different gazes have on people, then think of the different types of gazes first and try them out on yourself in your bathroom mirror.  To think of the different types of gazes, activate the mathematical part of your brain, and think of the different combinations of positions and movement that you can have with your eyes. e.g. pupils at the top, pupils at the bottom, pupils at the side; look at someone for a very short period of time, a medium amount of time, or a long amount of time (a stare).  Then look in the mirror and see what emotional effect the multitude of gazes have on you.  Below are three examples that spring to mind.

Terrifying Eyes
Notice that the pupils of the eyes are at the bottom of the eye.

Stare at someone with your grey-green eyes, head slightly cocked back, and the white part above the pupils, and they will either: dismiss you as a lunatic, be slightly un-nerved by you, or be en-tranced (literally) by your gaze.  This shows you the power that eyes have over people.

Sad Eyes

Notice that the pupils are at the top of the eye.

Conversely look at someone with classic 'puppy dog eyes', and your pupils will appear above the white part and will have the total opposite effect on that person.

Drunkards Eyes
Drunkard's eyes usually look quite 'lazy'.

Or, look into the eyes of a pathetic drunkard who is imploring you to give them some attention (in their characteristically childish way), and you will see that the eyes show that the persons soul/psyche is incoherent, chaotic and very twitchy (i.e. it could be friendly one second then savagely hostile the next, like flicking a switch).  The feeling that these drunkards eyes have on a person will either be: one of contempt, one of sorrow, or one of nervousness.

These are just three examples of how you can exert a strong emotional influence on people just by using a few muscles around your eyes.

Personal Experience
Typing this blog entry reminds me of a time during autumn last year when I was walking into town and a stranger stopped me on the way to ask the whereabouts of a church.  I stopped and looked around and then turned back looked him in the eyes (which widened quite considerably) and told him I didn't know.

I don't know why his countenance changed in the manner it did.  I had been listening to Metallica's 'Ride the Lightning' album almost repetitively for the past few months, and that may have had an effect on me (it's very potent music).  The mans eyes almost popped out of his head: they went really, really wide.  The kind of wide that you see in panic stricken people, like Bill Dautrive from King of the Hill.  The wide-eyes were also accompanied by a slight smile.  The kind of smile that you see when people are tense and/or nervous after being confronted by some information that they don't know how to react to.  You know?  The kind of smile when your upper body tenses slightly, and it causes your mouth to smile and the eyebrows on your head to rise slightly.  And if that's the kind of effect that you can have on someone without giving the gaze any consideration, any effort, then just think how much more of an effect you could have on someone when you intend to, when you really mean it, and will it.

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  1. People have left my presence to sit in other chairs. Not too long ago I found out about the "INTJ Death Stare"and apparently I have it.

  2. That's a new term that I'll have to check out. I wonder if it bears any similarity to the proverbial 'angry eyes' that prisoners get while being locked away in solitary confinement for too long.