Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Dieting Industry:

[In 2011 the] U.S. Weight Loss Market [was] Worth $60.9 Billion(
  The dieting industry is an interesting phenomenon.  It is interesting because it reveals the character of the Western World at the present time.  It reveals that the Western world is a world that was built and sustained by men and has been largely inherited by women. 

The Western World as excelled so much in meeting the needs of the human being (food production and distribution, clothing production, shelter construction sources of warmth, access to water, protection from physical attacks by animals and humans) that women have nothing better to do that eat too much food and become corpulent, and then seek out another person to take responsibility for them loosing that weight; that weight that they CHOSE to put on in the first place.  That's what the dieting industry shows.

It shows that despite giving women an abundance of freedoms, personal freedoms that they have never had in the history of Earth, that women ACTIVELY seek out people to molly-coddle them and make their decisions for them.  That's what the Dieting Industry shows.  It shows that women (and feminised men) cannot and do not want to take responsibility for themselves.
The dieting industry also reveals other character traits of women:
-- The number of diets and dieting companies shows that women treat lifestyles like clothing fashions: something that comes and goes with the seasons.  Something that they DON'T commit to.
-- That women quite often 'aim to fail' rather than 'aiming to succeed'.  If women really wanted to lose weight, then they would, and the company that produced the 'perfect diet' would become the market dominator.  But there is no market dominator that excels in successful dieting, why?  Because quite simply women aim to fail where men aim to succeed.  That's why female headed households produce unsuccessful children (either criminals or social mal-adapts full of neuroses).

When men begin to take full control of society once more, then women will physically shape up.  And then the Dieting Industry will lose it's source of revenue, it's foodstuff, fat neurotic women, and will shrivel up and die.  Because, let's face it, male dominated households produce balanced children, and so a male headed society will produce balanced future generations, and a male headed society has no need for anything so superfluous as a dieting industry.



  1. Do women "aim to fail" or do they aim for maximum drama?

    Perhaps women need to get excited about their lives, even when the excitement is unpleasant. Perhaps women dread calm, peaceful attentiveness more than they dread being fat, and so they create the drama of binging and purging so as to avoid quieting their minds and paying attention.

  2. 'Do women "aim to fail" or do they aim for maximum drama?'

    That's a good point, I hadn't considered the drama angle. Women are indeed attracted to drama, whether it's watching it on the TV or 'creating a scene' with their spouse. Although it seems a stretch to say that the dieting industry is built on drama. If the dieting industry were built on drama, and women wanted massive incidents in their lives, then you'd see women oscillating between bullimia one year and obesity the next, but that's not the case. Women are becoming more obese year by year (presently 1/4 are obese). There isn't that osccillation between obesity and bullimia which would generate the drama/tension you need. Which tells me that as both the dieting industry AND obesity are growing in size, that women 'aim to fail' instead of aiming to succeed.

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