Thursday, 20 June 2013

Is Christianity a 'Good Thing' for the White race?

(Or is it good for any race for that matter).

Firstly we should ask whether it's true or not.  It's kind of like asking whether a school textbook on physics tells the truth or not.  If it doesn't tell the truth, then why should we believe it and use it in everyday life?  It'd be like believing that the laws of motion didn't exist, and believing that the tennis ball you threw in the air should "Darn well stay there!  'Coz that's what the good book says!"

Question:  Is Christianity true?
1) Christ probably existed, as Tacitus testifies. 

2) The Gospels don't give a coherent account of his life, so we don't know if any of them are true.  And that ignores the Gospels that didn't make it in (like the Gospel of Judas).

3) Many of the stories in the Gospels are ripped off of Buddhas life as scholar Christian Lindtner testifies.

4) Jesus was a Jew, and Jews have a tendency to steal Aryan beliefs and then pass them off as 'their own Exclusive beliefs' (just like the Epic of Gilgamesh which has been re-told as 'the Noah story').  What this means is that even if Jesus did exist, he could have just travelled to India, filched some Buddhist stories, legged it back to Palestine, then claimed to 'know the truth', because that's what Jews have a tendency to do.

Question: Has Christianity been good for the White race?
1) No it hasn't.  It has been far from good for the white race. 

Internal warfare and external threats to the White Race in Europe were not abated by Christianity.  Some of Europe was converted by 5th century by the Roman Empire, which saw the enslavement and death of 3 million White Gauls, and then their slow spiritual degradation.

The rest of Europe was converted to Christianity circa 11th century (by the point of the sword I might add).  Over the next millenium there was much internal warfare which led to the destruction of people, property and ideas.  What's more is that Christianity did a poor job of defending White Christendom from invaders.  So not only did it cause internal warfare, but it failed to defend the Christians from external threats, thus it was a double-edged sword of evil against the white race.

Remember that it was Nationalists who defended White Europe from invaders.  Not Christians but Nationalists.  Christians had no desire to help one another despite the pleas that were sent by Kings from the Balkans when the Muslim Turks were invading.  Europe was defended by Stephen cel Mare of Moldavia, Vlad Tepes of Wallachia, Ivan the IV of Muscovy, Ferdinand of Spain, amongst others.  These men were Nationalist Champions first and foremost.  They faught for their kin, for their family.  Nationalists were the ones who fended off the invaders, NOT Christians.  Christianity has done nothing to give internal security, nor external security.  It's crap as a police force, and worse as a military force.  It causes destruction of all those who believe it.  Other races would be wise to give Christianity a wide birth also, as it would likely have the same effect on them.

2) Christianity left the White Race genetically impoverished (as it does to 'all races' who believe it).  The most intelligent men and women were sent off to monestaries and nunneries to study instead of raising families and being innovators (like Farnsworth, Darwin, who had families and children) which means that the race didn't benefit from their excellent genes.  Obviously a race that degrades is only going to get worse.  Is that what God intended when he created the universe: That we all end up thick, and physically unfit?  I doubt it.

3) Christianity has achieved next to nothing in technological terms.  Compare the Christian Civilisation/Empires that sprouted circa 1500, to the Pagan Empires of the Middle-East.  The Christian Empires were obsessed with 'making money', hence the phrase 'the Protestant Work Ethic' which as about being nothing more than a money grubber.  Here are some of the achievements of the Pagans: the library at Alexandria, the Pyrmaids, Agriculture!, Metal working - from the R1b Hittites, and astronomy.  Now what have the Christians added to that in the millenia that they've had cultural dominance?  Where are the pyramids, where is the great library?  There are none of these things.  As Arthur Schopenhauer pointed out the achievements of Europe during the Enlightenment era were made 'in spite' of the faith known as Christianity.

Your life and happiness will be better served by believing that which is true, and that which begets good works.  You'll get neither of these things from Christianity, but both from truth.  Whether that truth lays solely in spiritual-paganism or hard-headed science I don't know.  Uppsala Online is an intelligent website that straddles both worlds: the world of science and the world of spirit, and shows that you don't have to fudge words or babble in order to defend your position like so many Christians seem to do.  The truth serves you well and is simple and crystal-clear.


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  1. Under Christianity Europe gave us modern firearms, Gothic Cathedrals, modern medicine (to be fair the Romans were far ahead of Medieval Europeans) and the printing press. Unless you're referring to a time when Europe was 100% theocratic. In that case, Christianity achieved very little. The good in Christianity was put there by White men, as was the good in Paganism. Paganism, by being instrinsically ours, is the healthier/better fit.

  2. Anonymous said...
    "The good in Christianity was put there by White men, as was the good in Paganism. Paganism, by being instrinsically ours, is the healthier/better fit."

    Though all races adhere to similar laws (logical, physical, biological etc; we've all got to eat and sleep!), there are differences between the races, and those differences are best satisfied by a belief system that is unique to them. A belief system along the lines of the Proto-Indo-European religion will probably be best for the White race. seems to have a good grasp on such matters.

    Finally, here's the quote from Schopenhauer on Christianity and Civilization:

    "The reason civilization is at its highest point among Christian peoples is not that Christianity is favourable to it but that Christianity is dead and no longer exercises much influence: as long as it did exercise influence, civilisation was at a very low point among Christian peoples. All 'religion' is antagonistic towards culture.

    What a bad conscience religion must have is to be judged by the fact that it is forbidden under pain of such punishment to 'mock' it." {page 197}
    ['Essays and Aphorisms' Hollingdale transaltion.]

  3. Great stuff re: Lindtner. I just read about him maybe a month or so ago.