Monday, 10 June 2013

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Improving your physical body (developing your muscles, lowering your fat levels, lowering your resting heart rate etc) usually means adhering to some 'ideal' form that someone else has conceived.

Other peoples 'ideals' are just that, idealised concepts that other people have come up with.  They abide by different principles to you, and so should only be used if they are in accord with your own ideals.  If you are have read any of the other Androsphere blogs, then you will know for instance that almost all of them reject the 'Feminist Ideal' of Male and Female.  This applies as much to other ideals, including human physicality, as it does to Maleness and Femaleness.  Thus, you should only use other peoples ideals if you choose to.  In the context of 'health' this inlcudes the 'ideals' of: food consumption (e.g. low consumption of fats), physical exercises (e.g. 30 minutes cardio three times a week), humans body measurements (e.g. a 'Greek' ideal), water consumption (two litres/eight glasses a day), sulight exposure (thirty minutes a day).  All of these are only recommendations, and often by self proclaimed experts.

'Experts' will nearly always tell you what you are doing is wrong, and that you need to adjust your behaviour accordingly.  They have a personal interest in it.  After all, if they are not professing/displaying their superiority over others then they have to admit that they really are not as superior as they believe that they are.  Such behaviour is nothing new: over a hundred years ago 'nutritionists' were telling the poor 'not' to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but to instead spend their money better on cuts of meat.  Thankfully the poor, in their wisdom, ignored the advice of their said 'intellecual superiors' and bought and ate lots of fresh fruit and veg.  Fast forward to the present day, and what are these same 'nutritionists' telling us?  To eat three, five, seven or however many portions of fresh fruit and veg a day, as it helps to ward off cancer.

So what is the truth?  The truth is that there are causes and effects.  Causes and effects that result as a consequence of your choice.  It's nothing more than that.  There are two or 'Options', you 'Choose' one of them, then you experience the Consequences.  Some of these Consequences may be likeable, some may not.  For instance, if you 'Choose' to live the 'Option' of a life based on the the excessive consumption of fatty-foodstuffs, then a 'Consequence' will be that you accumulate large amounts of body fat, in turn this will mean that your thoughts will tend toward the womanly (because body fat increases oestrogen production).  Or if you 'Choose' to live the 'Option' of a life based on weight lifting, then you will gain muscle-mass and experience the 'Consequences' of having more testosterone in your body, and so your thoughts will tend towards the manly (because muscle-mass increases testosterone production).

Options, Choices and Consequences, in all areas of life.  The rest is up to you.

With all of that in mind, here are some links to get the ol' grey-matter firing:
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