Monday, 22 July 2013

Men Being Herded Out of the Public Realm:

Rural American-Indians were herded off into the reservation
Married Western men are herded off into the garage.

One thing that you'll notice in is that the more feminised an area gets (either a house or a country) the more men get herded into progressively smaller and smaller areas. In the case of the rural American-Indians they were hounded and put into reservations. And in the case of married men they get hounded and after a while all their possessions end up in a man-cave in either 1) the garage, or 2) into a single drawer. This is what happens whenever a woman (or women collectively, or indeed, female instinct - which is also present in men) get the upper hand in (be it in society or a household): they progressively force men out of the public realm and into a small area that can be easily controlled and monitored. It's the female dream which is synchronistic with the 'Totalitarian State' (aka Big Mother, a more accurate description of Big Brother, credit to Ryu).

If you want to avoid getting all of your possessions harried into a single room of your house then learn how to keep hold of the reigns of power. You can do this by making choices instead of deferring to your spouse or letting her have the final say. You could also go on the offensive as X-Splat seems to do when he deals with his spouse and her choice of clothing:
It’s the man’s job to ensure the woman wears a proper housewife uniform around the house.

If she keep putting on the trash, take it off her and cut it up with scissors in front of her.

And tell her what to wear.

My girl occasionally backslides and I ask her “go get me the scissors”. She knows it’s no bluff, so she changes. (Source:

Or if for whatever reason you do not want to compete for power then stay single.



  1. I personally feel that NOBODY should tell ANYONE what they can or cannot wear. I don't believe in this women vs. men stuff that you spew. Gender isn't as simple as that. Nobody has the right to say these things! Your use of the Havamal makes me uncomfortable, because these are the things you believe in. You believe in taking away people's rights and I think the Havamal is above that.

  2. @ anonymous,
    whether you like it or not you 'are' told what you can and cannot wear. In most countries there are some laws against behaving indecently. This could include being naked or wearing clothes that could cause offence (a sandwhich board with something written on it that incites violence for instance). There are also laws against covering your face, for reasons of security (e.g. wearing a balaclava in a bank). Thus as it stands, you cannot wear what you want anyway.

    You might not like the fact that the genders are different, but that's the way it is. On avegrage, men have XY chromosomes and women have XX chromosomes, there ain't anything that you can do about it. And trying to ignore it isn't going to help you. Just like ignoring the difference between boiling hot water and tepid water is: it's potentially dangerous. Everyone needs to be able to distinguish between things, to discriminate between things, someone who can't or wont' discriminate won't live very long. If someone can't or won't discriminate between bricks and bread in regards to what to eat, then they won't live. It's as simple as that.

    As for the Havamal, and you disliking my quotes of it, probably in relation to gender, then just read what it says about women. It's written by Odin, and he doesn't mince his words, that's for sure!