Monday, 8 July 2013

The Media Circus & the Snowden-NSA Story

The media circus is making a storm in a tea cup about the NSA Snowden kerfaffle.  Apparently we should all be collectively concerned about our personal freedoms being violated by the US government.  But really, what does this matter when only six months ago the West was supposed to be involved in a nuclear war (when North Korea tested a few rockets off the Korean peninsula).  Remember that?  Now 'that' was supposed to be 'the' prelude to a 'major war' between North Korea and South Korea.  The war would have had a 'domino effect' bringing in USA on the side of the South and China on the side of the North, and then everyone in the world would've gotten involved.  Loads of Nuclear missiles would've been launched and everyone would've died from nuclear war.  Well, that was what the media circus was presenting and leading us folks to believe with their promises of 'Domino Effect' (just like in Vietnam and Korea 50+ years ago).  Yet here we are, still very much alive and very much kicking.  I'm not sat in a nuclear fallout shelter eating cans of corned beef and playing majong under a 10 Watt bulb, I am on the world wide web eating fruit shortcake biscuits under a summer sun.  Events have turned out the total opposite to how the MSM have portrayed them.

Wait a minute.  Haven't we watched this 'end of the world' international spy scandal before?  And I don't mean six months ago, I mean last year when there was a spy scandal followed by threat of nuclear war in the form of the Assange/Wikileaks story and then the Iran Nuclear Missiles story.  Remember those: the TV footage of rockets in the desert blasting off into high altitude.  Neither of those led to the end of the world.  No mushroom clouds or economic meltdowns.  No Stazi Police are kicking down my front door and violating my rights (whatever they are).  The closest thing to a mushroom cloud I've seen are some over-zealous barbequers (BBQs are a summer tradition in the UK, regardless of cooking skills or the weather).  The MSM made promises and they haven't delivered.  They led me to believe that the end of the world was nigh.  Come to think of it, that's dishonest advertising: the image on the packaging doesn't match the goods inside.  I don't believe it!  I've been swindled!

The Snowden/NSA privacy story will come and go, just like the TSA airport scanners, the Syrian Chemical Weapons stories, the Glasgow Bombing, toppling of the late Colonel Gaddafi and all the rest.  The MSM will quickly forget about them and move on to the next circus event.  The world isn't going to destroy itself in a global conflagration, again, for the Nth time.

If a news provider provides you with information that allows you to live your life more fully then it is good, if it provides you with misleading information that obsesses over the present and is blind to both the past and the future then steer clear of it.


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