Monday, 5 August 2013

Abstinence Makes You More Rational:

To live your life as you want to live your life you must be able to think clearly and rationally, if someone or something denies you that ability, then it is an enemy of you because it stops you from doing what you want to do with your life.

Sex and masturbation is one of those things that stops you thinking rationally because it makes you feel (orgasm) and have Emotional Associations which cause you to mispercieve women.

Abstinence, however, allows you to think clearly and rationally because it doesn't overwhelm you with emotions.

Choosing sex over abstinence will cause you to develop strong Emotional Associations of Pleasure with women.  It will occur when you experience pleasure by having sex and orgasming with a women.  This Emotional Association will then cloud your judgement, because your Emotional faculties will overwhelm your Thinking Faculties.  The Association will remain with you long after you experienced the pleasure.  The Association will be with you when you walk down the street, or when you are in the supermarket, or when you stand on the train station platform, where ever you are.  Where ever you are you will have that Association of 'Pleasure = Women' because you experienced overhwhelming pleasure with a woman.  And, crucially, it will be an Association which applies to ALL women, regardless of what they are really like.  That orgasm that you had with one woman will cloud your judgement with ALL women; which is a very importanct idea to take on-board: that experiencing pleasure with one woman will cloud your judgement with ALL women.  That is how strong Associations are.  And if you choose to repeat making that Association by orgasming to the sights and sounds of a woman then you will re-inforce that image by the process known as Pavlovian Conditioning.

Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate by hearing the sound of a ringing bell.  A ringing bell!  He trained them to give an emotional response to a certain stimulus, that's all.  Having constant sex with women, or masturbating to images of women IS Pavlovian Conditioning.  It causes you to Associate Pleasure with women.  It basically turns you into a dog.  Do you want that?  Do you want to be just like a dog?  Just like a trained domesticated animal?  Because that's what heppens if you contantly orgasm to the sights and sounds of women, you condition yourself to get excited at the sight of them, like a dog salivating at the sound of a bell ringing.  It's irrational and en-slaving.  It strips you of the ability to think clearly, to think rationally about women and their actions.

Being unable to think clearly about a woman is obviously going to leave you in the shit if ever you have to deal with one (and unless you're a monk or a hermit then you certainly will have to deal with women).  Women connive, lie, cheat and ALWAYS try to win, ALWAYS to be better than you in any given situation (like Shiva trying to outdance Vishnu).  If you are Not able to percieve this, be able to percieve their True Nature, when you have to deal with them, then you will be blindsided, you will be severely handicapped.  Imagine playing a game of chess with a woman, and whenever she is losing she steals one of your pieces.  IF you have an Assocation of 'Pleasure = Women' (because you have constantly had sex with them) then you will be unlikely to percieve her as doing something wrong, because, fundamentally you perceive her as good, as pleasurable; thus you see all of her actions as good or pleasurable (even though they are definitely not).  After a while this game of chess continues its course with her cheating and you not punishing her for cheating.  At the end of the Chess game, what do you think the result will be?  Do you think you will win?  No!  Of course you won't!  The woman will win!  Why?  Because she cheated and you failed to punish her, that's why.  Why did you fail to punish her like you would if she was a man who was cheating?  Because you have that Assocation 'Pleasure = Woman' which causes you to cloud your judgement.  That's it.  It's that simple.  You lost because you Associate women with pleasure.  That's how much Sex and Masturbation causes you to behave Irrationally.  And cause you to lose.

Now, apply that Chess-game scenario to various other 'game-like' situations where there are two players competing to win: the family courts, the divorce courts, the housework, paying the bills, looking after the kids, having a man cave, letting her have access to your money, going on holiday, and other banal scenarios.  Just like in the Chess-game scenario, with each of these sceanrios you will LOSE.  And you will lose because of an IRRATIONAL & EMOTIONAL ASSOCICATION which strips you of the ability to think clearly.  Sex and masturbation cause you to behave Irrationally.  They cause you to lose.  They cause you to be unhappy.  Abstinence doesn't do that.  Abstinence doesn't cause you to make strong Emotional Associations of 'Pleasure = Women', and thus allow you to WIN and not lose.

Now for the scientific evidence that instigated this blog entry, the evidence that says 'sexually experienced men favour women'.  That message should be a wake up call to all the neo-phyte PUAs/Gamesters and quasi-Christians who advcoate regular sex with women.  They are advocating you mental downfall, that's what they are doing. 

Experiment 4 showed that for sexually experienced men, the more positive their attitude was toward sex, the more they implicitly favored women. In concert, the findings help to explain sex differences in automatic in-group bias and underscore the uniqueness of gender for intergroup relations theorists.

So what this shows is that men who have sex with women (or masturbate to images of women) create the following association:

Pleasure = Women

And this association is TOTALLY IRRATIONAL.  I'll say it again.  It is an IRRATIONAL association of positive feelings, of pleasure, with women.  It is an Association that is entirely created by the use of sex, which is of course nothing more than a drug.  That's what it is.  If you have sex or masturbate to images of a woman, it will cause you to be IRRATIONAL, and thus you will judge women inaccruately.  Once you do that, once you start seeing women as something that they are not, then you will be screwed.

* You will be screwed because women are selfish (as the studies prove) and if you start perceiving women as Self-less/Caring when they are Selfish/Uncaring, then you will be screwed, because you believe 'pleasure = women'.
* You will be screwed on the dates when women demand you pay for the night out even though she's partaken in half of it, because you believe 'pleasure = women'.
* You will be screwed when you pay for the house and she ends up owning half of it, because you believe 'pleasure = women'.
* You will be screwed when she takes you to family court and takes your children, because you believe 'pleasure = women'.
* You will be screwed in everyday conversations/debates when she lies to get what she wants, because you believe 'pleasure = women'.

It's no different to perceiving a used car salesman as 'a good guy' because he makes you laugh and feel 'pleasure' (a drug) whenever you go to buy a car off of him.  But he's just ripping you off by making you have 'pleasurable feelings' when you are around him.  That's how used car salesmen work, and that's how women work.

Abstain.  Abstain and you will see women for what they really truly are instead of 'feeling good' whenever you see them.

Habitual sex or masturbation conditions you to Associate 'pleasure=women' and thus makes you irrational.
Abstinence makes you more rational.

If you want to think clearly and live your life how you want to, without being impeded by Irrational Assocations like 'pleasure=women' then choose abstinence.  Once you've chosen abstinence, then go and do whatever it is that you want to do.  Abstinence isn't the end goal, it's a means to allow you to do what you want.  It allows you to think, clearly.


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