Monday, 16 December 2013

Atonal music

Music is much more varied than the mainstream commercial radio stations and music broadcasters would have you believe.  There is an incredible diversity and richness of music that one can use to help themselves grow/enrichen their lives with new emotional states and ways of thinking.  Just look at the differences between a person who listens to heavy rock music, and one who listens to cheesy pop music: they have different clothes fashions, ways of speaking, walking, thinking etc.  This shows the effect that music has on a person (leaving aside other matters: is the music amplifying their own character; did their own character choose the music or did the music make their character).

One of the musical styles that doesn't get any air time on commercial radio at all is atonal music.  Atonal music is music that has no back beat or drum beat at all.  The absence of back beat has an affect on the mind because it is empahasising long term cycles, long periods of time rather than short periods of time like one experiences with rock music.  This has an affect on the heart rate of a person and consequently the persons state of mind.  You may find that listening to atonal music causes you to see shapes or ideas in your minds eye, different to things that you might see if you listened to beat heavy music.  I've had my own very limited experiences while listening to the music, but I won't write about them here, because if you are interested in experiencing such music and haven't done so before then my thoughts would only contaminate your own.

If you do want to make more of the music and experience it more fully then it might be worth listening to the music with an open & receptive state of mind (eg at the end of the day when you're relaxed and there isn't much noise or light around to disrupt your calm state of mind).  A good way of doing this is listening to the music in a controlled environment free of distractions (eg in a private room with a lock on it), rather than the opposite (walking down the street with noisey buses driving past).

Interestingly, atonal music is the music that musician Steve Roach began to compose after he had a Near Death Experience:
Steve Roach of Tucson, Arizona, had an NDE after a bike crash and heard "the most intensely beautiful music you could ever imagine" and decided "to dedicate my life to re-creating the exact same sound." The result is a record entitled "Structures from Silence." Says Roach, "Many people contact me after hearing my recordings to tell me that they've heard the exact same music during their NDEs."
If you're interested in hearing some atonal music for free, then check out which is a free online radio playing a variety of well known musicians (eg Steve Roach, Pete Namlook). also hosts a number of other channels of similar style music.  Other artists like David Schombert make their music available for free


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