Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Gamers are, and I quote, 'Hyper Male', a study proclaims

I don't reblog many articles from the web because many other people do and have done (Matt Forneys 'Linkage is Good For You', Free Northerners 'Lightning Round', Society of Amateur Gentlemen 'Linkage is Good for You' etc), but this one tickled my fancy.  It's a post about how gaming is proven to be positively correlated with low 2D:4D digit ratio (the lower the ratio is the more masculine the person is), and it is amusing because it rubbishes the notion common in Western Culture that Gamers are nothing but boys in men's bodies, that gaming is something that immature people do.  I say it's a notion common in Western Culture, because gamers in East Asia, specifically South Korea, are recognised as being highly skilfull and are treated like celebrities (click HERE for a relevant article).

Anyway, below is the relevant paragraph on gaming with emphasis added: 


Androgen-dependent signaling regulates the growth of the fingers on the human hand during embryogenesis. A higher androgen load results in lower 2D:4D (second digit to fourth digit) ratio values. Prenatal androgen exposure also impacts brain development. 2D:4D values are usually lower in males and are viewed as a proxy of male brain organization. Here, we quantified video gaming behavior in young males. We found lower mean 2D:4D values in subjects who were classified according to the CSAS-II as having at-risk/addicted behavior (n = 27) compared with individuals with unproblematic video gaming behavior (n = 27). Thus, prenatal androgen exposure and a hyper-male brain organization, as represented by low 2D:4D values, are associated with problematic video gaming behavior. These results may be used to improve the diagnosis, prediction, and prevention of video game addiction.

Source: http://fingerlengthdigitratio.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/low-2d4d-values-are-associated-with-video-game-addiction/


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