Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Nick Clegg: a politican who demands that a man should apologise to a woman for something that he didn't do

Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister, executive female panderer..

That's right folks, Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister of the UK, demands that one of his Liberal Democrat colleagues, Lord Rennard, apologises to women for sexually harassing them, despite the fact that Lord Rennard has not been proven guilty of the claims.  So much for innocent until proven guilty!

All that this small-time political drama demonstrates is that Nick Clegg, and possibly other Liberal Democrats, are willing to hound & persecute innocent men because they have been merely accused of offending a woman.  Merely accused and he demands an apology!  Crazy stuff!  Mind you, this is from the country where the top politicians practically demand that innocent men should be imprisoned if they are accused of rape.  (Not forgetting the fact that the gynocentric culture we presently live in obliges us not to criticise poor ickle women, or feminists and their theories.  This facet of our modern culture, making women immune to criticism, is one of the contributing factors to cultural decay.)

Ho hum, another typical day in En-ger-land!


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