Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Man's Freedom in the Modern World

The modern world is hostile to men, it denies him his nature, which is to express himself as he chooses. It denies him this by limiting his options/freedoms and then telling him what he should do. This occurs in both a mental and physical sense. Mentally the dominant culture tells me that I should seek permission if I wish to build something new, that I should seek an authority figure if I wish to learn something new, that I should enjoy 'novelty' (quirky foods, holidays to foreign climes, unfamiliar sports activities) but not genuine newness/originality. Physically the dominant culture tells me that the built environment that I live in must remain unaltered, unchanged by me. If I do desire to change it, then I must ask permission from an authority figure. The government also takes my hard earnings, my labour (as tax) and then decides what it wants to spend it on. A hundred years ago tax in the UK as a proportion of GDP was about 8%, now it is closer to 40%. That equates to less freedom for each and every man as the government decides how to spend his money.

Being limited to this extent is not the way it is in nature. In nature animals are free-er than humans. Be it in the woodland, on the steppe, in the desert, on the tundra or wherever. In nature animals, insects and plants alter their surrounding environment freely, when they choose to do so. They don't need to seek an authority figure to gain permission. Elephants fell trees on the Savannah. Why? Not for eating or the leaves or using the trunk and branches, they do it because they want the environment to be tree-less, to be a grassland. They don't seek permission. They aren't told what to do or not do. They just do it. Because it is their Will. In this world, as it stands, I am not allowed to do that. I am discouraged and denied from doing it, and punished if I do it. This thus infringes on my nature as a man.

One of the rules of the so-called 'civilized' (i.e. domesticated) world is that a man is not allowed to exercise his own nature, ergo he must continually exercise self-restraint. If this rule is enforced too much, if man is tamed too much, then he will simply stop living in the modern world, the civilised world, and will opt out of it. A man who is not allowed to be a man will cease to be a man. He will opt out of it either:
If an opposing force is too strong for a man to bear then the man has three options: fight, flight or freeze. The modern world is an opposing force to man. It seeks to tame him while man seeks to be free. Thus the two forces are opposed to one another. They are enemies.

Rich Zubaty wrote that 'Cities are feminine. Nature is masculine', if that's true then it means that the modern world (that's everything from cereal farming on up) is incompatible with mans nature, which means that either cities must die, or man must die, or some other path must be chosen. If man dies, then the cities will quickly follow behind him, as cities are dependent on men in order to sustain them. But if the cities die then man will just revert back to being a farmer or hunter-gatherer.

So it seems that if people wish to continue to live in some form of high-technology, modern world with all of it's creature comforts instead of living in grass huts then the modern world must become more accomodating to mans need for freedom. It's either that or we end up following the critters in Calhoun's famous mouse experiment and end up with a behavioural sink followed by a population crash (VIDEO ~8 minutes). I don't think anyone wants that. So we'll look at some practical solutions to get the creative juices flowing:
  • Reduced population density (low-rise and detached houses, instead of high-rise and terraced houses) so that men do not feel 'enclosed' and develop a ghetto psychology.
  • Having more unowned spaces (reverting the 'Inclosure Acts', and having common land again) so that all men are guaranteed some areas to move around in that aren't controlled by society.
  • More freedoms in regards to planning regulation.
  • More cultural liberty and an ability to express oneself without the absurd risks of imprisonment or social ostracism.
If such changes are made then it may be possible for men to live in the environment freely and without any detrimental effect to themselves, and thus civilisation will be allowed to continue. If this change doesn't happen then men will continue to flee the city that seeks to neuter them, and civilisation as it currently stands will perish as a consequence.


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