Monday, 14 July 2014

Dark Triad Alpha Posers

Here's one man who told it straight way back in the sixties.  Johnny Cash with Cocaine Blues.  Sung from inside Folsom Prison no less.  (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it gangster-rappers!):

Whoever says that snorting coke and screwin' hoes was a 21st century 'Dark-Triad Alpha' thing certainly needs to get their head screwed on right.  Johnny Cash sang country & Western AND did drugs when drug taking was perceived as almost heretical in his native culture.  What's more is that he gave up the drug taking lifestyle and went straight, which shows us that men who think 'banging hoes' and 'doing drugs' (or booze for that matter) is 'Alpha behaviour' are nothing more than posers, infantile posers.  They are like the men in rap videos who have to stand in front of the camera like obstinate children, while holding pistols askew in such a way that they would probably jam if fired.  Yeah.. like that's really Alpha behaviour(!) - firing a gun in such a position so it won't frigging work.. and you end up getting killed by the other guy who holds his gun upright.. You go Alpha man(!)

The great-great-grandparents of these 'Dark-Triad Alphas' could do engage in more 'Dark' acts back in the 1800s than the 21st century 'Dark-Triad' poser could even dream of.  Oh yeah.  Didn't you know?  The 1800s was awash with booze, drugs, hookers, and money making scams.  Back in the 1800s laudanum was legal (and was drunk by Edgar Allen Poe and many other people), cocaine was legal (snorted by Freud), opium & other drugs were also legal (before the 1868 Pharmacy Act for the UK).  There were no laws restricting alcohol consumption, and brothels were legal in many places.  Not to mention that child labour was legal, as was slavery.  Now, compared to the 1800s, do modern-day 'Dark Triads' who rebel against culture mores and against decency look cool any more?  Are they hipper than Edgar Allen Poe (who took drugs), or the Sirs, Earls and Princes of the infamous Hellfire Club?  Probably not.  'Dark-Triads' are deluded about what they think is cool.

'Cool' isn't even really cool.  Cool is not good.  Cool is an apparition.  If you scrutinize it for any amount of time you realise that it is not there.  It's just a 2-D phantom that is believed by people who want to believe it, and who want to believe that they are better than others.  That's all that cool is: a means of elevating self above others, like a cult that views itself as better than the rest of humanity.  Cool is just like the Dark Triad Alphas.  They are posers who rebel against society's mores and think that they are cool because of it.  The Anti-Nomian Gnostics rebelled against society's mores, and the son of their leader ended up dead, aged just seventeen[1].  That doesn't sound good to me.

Be wary of posers, whatever form they come in: people or concepts.  You're better off without them.  You're better of sticking with that which is authentic and isn't concerned about appearance. 

[1] HERE is a link to the evidence. Scroll down until you find 'Anti-Nomian School' in large blue italicized font for the relevant text on Epiphanes.  As an aside, Gnosticism seems to be quite popular among New Agers who, like Leftists in general, like to rebel against the establishment and it's various guises like Catholicism, Capitalism, Nuclear families etc.  Just because New Agers and Leftists rebel against the Establishment doesn't make them any more correct than the people who blindly follow the establishment.  Make your own judgement.  Ask yourself "Is this idea or thing useful to me and what I want to do with my life?"  If yes then use it, if no then don't use it, if it's irrelevant then ignore it.  You're a man, not a Capitalist or a Communist, a Theist or an Atheist, a hedonist or an ascetic, or any other pairs of dualistic opposites.  Make your own judgement and make use of the gods/ideas rather than them making use of you.



  1. I've said for years someone like Roissy is a wimp and attention whore and if he was to run into something serious he'd collapse like a house of cards.

  2. Yeah it's a shame so many men fall for it. 'Young and impressionable', that's what springs to mind when I think about why young men fall for it. The fact that these young men are impressionable is related to the fact that they have no firm role model in their life (as you pointed out to me in another comment). If these men had a firm role model in their life (at home, school or wherever) then the odds are that they wouldn't fall for this nonsense. Nonsense which is largely based on front, false confidence, posing, or call it what you will. As well as a load of 'jargon' (e.g. PUA, neg, evo-psych) which gives it an air of credibility. Like those adverts on TV for the latest shampoo that say something like: "Contains beta-cermade R, the latest in nano-technology, guaranteed to give your hair the shine it deserves." It appears impressive so long as it isn't scrutinised. Once it's taken off the alter and scrutinised it doesn't appear quite so impressive. It doesn't fill you with awe.