Monday, 18 August 2014

Do You Need to Eat Red Meat to Be a Man?

As I'm sure you're well aware one of the more common observations that floats around the manosphere is that modern Western men are feminised, and that to counter this feminisation Western men need to behave like cartoonish macho-men in order to save their masculinity.  One of the ways that the manosphere proposese that men save their masculinity is by eating plenty of red meat, just like their hunter-gatherer ancestors did.  Loads of scientific studies are thrown up about benefits of paleo diets (especially by the Heartiste crowd) and how we should eat plenty of red meat to boost our musculture, testosterone and hence masculinity.  This notion - that real men eat red meat every day - is wrong.  There is plenty of evidence that men can develop and maintain impressive physiques by eating vegetarian or even vegan diets.

Just check out the physique of Mac Danzig, a former MMA fighter no less, to see what a vegan diet can do for you:

Mac Danzig (a former MMA fighter)

FC veteran, former 155 pound King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge champion, Mac Danzig, has become a successful vegan mixed martial artist. This 27 year old Danzig has carved his own path and along the way shattered stereotypical images. The lightweight fighter’s success evidences a fighter can be successful without the consumption of animal products. 
Despite his success as a vegan competitor in MMA, the concept that meat was pivotal to a fighter’s performance was also an ideology that Danzig subscribed to early in his career. “I use to think that I needed chicken and fish as a source of protein in order to train properly”, recalls Danzig, a 6 year veteran of the sport. “I subscribed to that theory for a while and then when I finally decided to cut everything out and I was doing it right, it felt really good and I didn’t lose any strength at all. I feel like I recover quicker so it’s been good.”

Besides Mac Danzig there are many other vegan and vegetarian atheletes who show that it's possible to eat a plant based diet and still be a world class athelete.  Below are some of those vegans:
Brendan Brazier (triathlete)
Robert Cheeke (body builder)
Luke Commo (MMA Fighter)
Arian Foster (NFL Player)
Patrik Baboumian (Weight lifter)
James Wilks (MMS Fighter)

(For those who are interested HERE is a list of other famous vegans and their occupations.)

Finally, this post is here only to point out that men can eat plant based diets and have an impresssive physique, it's not here to advocate vegetarianism or veganism or to tell you to eat such and such; there's enough nannying around as it is.  Simply be aware of the consequences of any options available to you (e.g. eating a meat-only or vegetable-only diet) and then make your choice fully aware of the consequences, both the good ones and the bad ones.


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