Monday, 1 September 2014

Russia Today, refreshes the parts that other media outlets cannot...

Well here's a programme that you wouldn't expect to see on the BBC or any other fair & balanced (hah!) Western media organisations, it's a programme about the madness of feminism in Sweden.  There's nothing much new in it, unless you're a neophyte to feminism and need to learn more about its craziness!

“Gender roles limit a person to stereotypes.” “Equality gives children a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.” These principles are the basis of the gender-free pedagogy taught in Sweden that eliminates any reference to gender completely. Gender-free toys, books and even gender-free words. Meet Tanja Bergkvist, a Swedish blogger who sees that this process can reach absurdity when taken to the extreme. A trumpet became the symbol of her protest against “Gender Madness” as she discovered that state-funded Swedish Science Council had granted $80,000 for a research into “the trumpet as a symbol of gender”. 

P.S. the title is an old Heineken beer slogan from back in the day...



  1. Feminism: yet another in a long, long line of anti-white, anti-christian isms devised by the Jews for the "enrichment" of white civilization.

  2. Despite the variety that they appear to create with their various 'isms', if you look at the 'isms' closely enough you'll see that they are all remarkably similar.