Wednesday, 26 November 2014

This week in Sport

A somewhat sarcastic take on some of this weeks headline news in the UK.  The stories are all small potatoes (i.e. of little importance) to those over-seas, and more generally in the grand scheme of things.

The common theme running through all though them is that White men are considered 'Fair Game', while other races and genders are given special protection.  It's indicative of the PC mentality of the media in the UK at present: Anti-White, and Misandric, amongst other negative traits.  If you're overseas and you still think that Western media is impartial, then think again, it's just a tool of the establishment, just like Pravda was for the USSR back in the day.

It's written in the wry-humour/sarcastic style of Chris Brand (author of 'The G-Factor' book) whose blog on political correctness in the UK can be found HERE.

This week in Sport:
Footballer Ched Evans, a man convicted and imprisoned for for 2 1/2 years for rape, was given the 'heretic' treatment typically seen in Medieval Europe (evidenced HEREHERE and HERE).  After serving his prison sentence (remember that ~95% of rape allegations turn out to be fake) Jessica Ennis-Hill media darling (mixed-race athelete) said something about 'it not being fair'.  Then some other luvvies joined in and turned the whole event into a spectacle that could potentially force Ched Evans from his job, his livelihood.  Not forgetting of course that HE HAS ALREADY SERVED HIS PRISON SENTENCE.  Apparantly that's not enough for this lot.  They want every man on his knees grovelling, apologising just for being a man.

In other news, chairman of Wigan Athletic Football Club Dave Whelan said something about the Jews, something they didn't like.  Quelle Suprise!  He said "Jews like money."  Which was enough to generate lots of news coverage and much chastisement.  In related news a Rabbi called for the extermination of Muslims.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, this was not reported as racist, nor infact mentioned, in the UK MSM, who instead chose to ignore the affair instead.

Finally, a working class White man hung some England flags up outside his house, which offended local Lefty Labour Loony MP Emily Thornberry.  She was soo incenced by the mans indecency at him taking pride in his heritage that she tweeted her indignity.  Alas other many people were not so inclined to agree with Mrs Thornberry, including the Labour Party, who were worried about losing votes.  She resigned shortly after causing a by-election, which the Right-leaning UKIP (UK Independence Party) promptly one.  Showing us that White people are getting peeved at the constant PC mentality of the UK Political Elite.


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