Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ridiculed Fatherhood & Absent Fathers Lead to PUA Culture

The potter shapes the clay.  This principle stands whether it is applied to living things or to un-living things.  The principle applies to human beings and even more so to children who are young and impressionable.  So you could even say that 'a father shapes his child'.

A child without a passive-potter, a role model like a father, to influence it remains n-shapen/un-developed.  We see more and more boys in society without a positive male role model, a potter to passively & actively shape them into manhood.  Without this masculine potter to help them to mature they remain nothing more than lumps of clay, child-like in mind (though not in body).

Because of the absence of fathers in many Western families (due to no-fault divorce, guaranteed income for women who divorce, and gynocentric family courts) and the attack on the instituion of fatherhood men are remaining more and more like those un-shapen lumps of clay rather than maturing in to fully developed adult men.

Some of these un-developed boys compensate for the absent father by asserting their own form masculinity which they form using a process known as 'reaction-formation'.  Reaction-formation simply means that they use the feminine as one pole and create a mirror image of it which they then use as their ideal of masculinity (hence the 'reaction').  The result of this process is that these boys grow up into cartoonish men: simultaneously over-focussed on one aspect of masculinity and irrationally afraid of femininity.  Like a man who focusses of the fact that men are more muscular than women and takes it to an excess becoming a body-builder to express his masculinity.

This reaction-formation has produced many of the various sub-cultures that we can see in modern society, for instance gang-culture that developed out of single-parent female-headed households.  These gangs are ostensibly violent, hierarchical, overtly hostile to effeminacy (which is perceived as 'homosexual behaviour') - all over-exaggerated, hyped masculine traits.
The genesis of the intense concern over "toughness" in lower class culture is probably related to the fact that a predominantly female household, and lack a consistently present male figure with whom to identify and from whom to learn essential components of a "male" role. Since women serve as a primary object of identification during preadolescent years, the almost obsessive lower class concern with "masculinity" probably resembles a type of compulsive reaction-formation....A positive overt evaluation of behavior defined as "effeminate" would be out of the question for a lower class male."
Source: The Garbage Generation, annex
Another example of a sub-culture using reaction-formation to develops its sense of masculinity is the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) movement.  The PUA movement is obsessed with the male activity of sex.  Sex without a stable relationship between the two partners, sex without any thought of parenting, sex without any thought of any other repurcussions.  Just sex as an end in itself.
The alcohol and marijuana use and sexual activity rates for father-absent males is greater than for any other group. The data underscore the significance of the father as a key figure in the transmission of values and as a role model in the life of the adolescent.
Source: The Garbage Generation, annex
Obviously all of this sex without any care for the child who may result of it is not conducive to a mentally healthy individual, to mentally healthy families, to mentally healthy communities, or to mentally healthy civilization.  While children raised in female-headed families may be capable of marrying and forming stable families of their own, it is much more difficult because they lack the positive role-model which to intuitively imitate.  Thus we need to protect the institution of fatherhood as much as we can, to avoid humanity slumping into a chaotic swamp of isolated, disconnetd sub-cultures.  It wouldn't be un-reasonable to say that those sub-cultures like the PUA sub-culture are not in accord with humanity/evolution because they breeds un-healthiness instead of healthiness.  Indeed PUA sub-culture, amongst others, could even be considered pathological because of the harm that is does to human beings.

In short: PUA's, gangs and other sub-cultures, are what materialise when fatherhood as an institution gets undermined and fathers individually get attacked, and society is left without a masculine potter to help shape it.

If we want to live in a culture with stable, mentally healthy people and families, that is not full of pathological sub-cultures like gang-culture, or PUAs, then fatherhood as an institution and fathers a individuals need to be respected.  Then the potter can make the clay into a wonderful artifact that we can all appreciate and benefit from.


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