Monday, 30 March 2015

Bad Science

Here's a good TED Talk video (~15 minutes) on 'Bad Science' by Ben Goldacre.   In it Ben discusses why many of the conclusions of scientific studies we read about in the media are dubious.  He also warns why we should be sceptical of so-called 'health experts' who use the authority of science to advance their own theories.  Some of these 'experts', e.g. Gillian McKeith, purchase their qualifications from diploma mills in order that they can appear like authoratative doctors and then sell there snake oil to the un-witting public.

The topic of bad science is pertinent to the manosphere/androsphere because it's unfortunately susceptible to following bad science fads like the paleo diet, the juice/cleanse diet, or evolutionary psychology, and so on.  All of which you would do well to steer clear of.

It seems advisable to have a healthy suspicion of science reports in the media because bad science and conflicting advice abound.  Just the other day I read two conflicting reports, one saying that peanuts caused cancer, and another report how peanuts cured cancer.  Try and wrap your head around that one!

P.S. The Bad Science website has a small section on Evolutionary Psychology.



  1. My favorite ongoing example of bad science, Cholesterol! Did you know that it is no longer a "nutrient of concern," (an advisory panel of health experts told the federal government). And that saturated fat does NOT raise cholesterol levels in the blood or cause heart disease?

    Let me quite Karl Denninger from the

    "I'll say that the so-called medical establishment willfully and intentionally ignoring contrary evidence on the lipid hypothesis along with what appears to be a bad etiological model for coronary artery disease that has become embedded in what's sold to you is the true extreme position, much as is someone who claims the Earth is the center of the universe or is only 5,000 years old, despite plenty of contrary evidence that is easily accessible should one care to look, simply because "God" said so."

    The fact that people considered milk and eggs unhealthy is almost unbelievable, remember the egg-white omelet, that's just hilarious.

    People forget that a century ago everything was prepared with lard, they even fried donuts in that stuff!

    The other all time favorite is of course global bull, about which vox from said:

    "AGW/CC is scientific fraud, it is historical ignorance, and it is political ideology."

    That about sums it up.

  2. Yeah you're spot on on the topic of lard. I was reading something about Victorian (1800s) foodstuffs and came across a tid-bit that said nutriotionists actively discouraged poor people from buying freash fruit & veg because they'd be 'wasting their money'! It boggles the mind how so called experts can do such a volt face and still claim to be experts. Thankfully there are people out there who ignore these 'experts' and live their lives as they want to. That's the way the world moves forward: by ignoring the Lord Kelvin's of world (recall that he said heavier than air flight was impossible) and doing their Will.

    Anyway here's the relevant quote:
    "It is a common misconception about the history of American food habits that we only recently began to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. In part this error is due to the fact that it was indeed just yesterday, after the discovery of vitamins early in the present century, that professional dieticians began to tout them. During the decades just before the discovery of vitamins...the same professionals crusaded against fruit and vegetable eating, particularly among the poor, because fruit and vegetables were a relatively expensive way to fuel up in calories. But the generation of 1849 was not burdened by the counsels of professional dieticians."