Tuesday, 14 April 2015

On Theories About Andreas Lubitz's Murder-Suicide

So it's been two-three weeks since Andreas Lubitz crashed into the Alps killing 150 people and in those few weeks lots of people have tried to explain why Lubitz committed suicide/mass-murder, some of their theories are more crazy than others.  It's incidents in life like this that allows you to see people's philosophical/metaphysical views because ultimately many of them use it as a medium to express their own outlook of the world, somewhat like how a politician uses a crisis to his promote his political view (the politician does it wittingly these people do it un-wittingly).

The result is that you get a variety of theories all clamouring for your attention, all claiming to be 100% right.  Obviously they can't all be right, and so you have the arduous, laborious job of weeding out all the theories that are wrong.  You could do that by using logic and genuinely assessing each theory in turn; but this isn't really advisable because you'll just end up wasting your time on wacko theories (e.g. the Earth is hollow, or Jesus will return in October, again...) on the mere possibility that they might be right.  That way madness lays.  It's like debating with a cheating girlfriend who tries to convince you not to dump her on logical grounds by saying that she might not cheat again, even though she has a habit of it.  Logically she's 100% right - it's entirely possible that she might remain faithful, but she's so obsessed with sex that she probably would cheat again.

A quicker way of dismissing theories is by appraising the people whose mouths they come from, and then asking yourself: are they two cans short of a six pack?  Are the people spouting the theory simply fitting the event it into their pre-existing worldview; like David Icke who sees shape-shifting reptilians behind every event in the world, or Michael Moore who thinks that racist Corporations are responsible for every bad event in the USA.  These people are dominated by their weltanschauung, and it shows.

There comes a time when you have to put aside these foolish theories put forth by such people because they ultimately end up wasting your time, your effort, your life; and in the end you only get one of those.

Anyway, here are a few of the multitude of theories about why Andreas Lubitz crashed into the side of Alps that are knocking around on the net:
  • Heartiste is obsessed about sex, so he thinks that Lubitz committed suicide because he wasn't getting his end away. [LINK]
  • White Nationalists (from the lunatic fringe of the movement) are obsessed with Jews, so they think that Lubitz was an agent of Mossad (the Israeli secret service). [LINK]
  • Vox Day is obsessed with many things one is hating Islam and another is his 'socio-sexual hierarchy', so he simultaneously thinks that Lubitz killed himself because was a Muslim Jihadi (on his Vox Day blog) AND that he was homosexual Omega (on his Alpha Game blog). [LINK to Vox Day post] [LINK to Alpha Game post]


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