Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Is Christianity Masculine?

According to the Christians in the manosphere/androsphere (like Vox Day), Christianity is a masculine belief system, epitomised by Christ bearing his cross and suffering for the sins of the world.  Well, while Christ (assuming he existed, and odds are that he didn't cf. Jesus Never Existed) may have been a macho man, Christians are not.  THIS study about personality types discovered that religious people are more likely to be feminine and mentally un-hinged:
A number of studies have consistently found Christians to be more suggestible than normal, for example religious people have been found to respond better to medical placebos given for pain relief. Another consistent finding in America is that religious people tend to be more submissive, accepting of authority, dependent on group approval, and have a higher than average incidence of hysterical personalities [The Social Psychology of Religion pp 97-99]. 
(Source: Marketing Christianity - Bad News About Christianity)

Submissive, accepting of authority, dependent on group approval, hysterical, not exactly masculine traits I think you'll agree.  More sort of, oh, I don't know, feminine?  Yes, that's the right word, feminine.  Those are feminine traits.  Religious people and Christians are on the whole feminine.  Not masculine as the Christians of the manosphere would contest but feminine.

Not that it'll make the slightest bit of difference to the pseudo-macho Christians in the manosphere.  They'll keep bleating on about how men should be Christians, 'cause it's manly to be a Christian.

To be a Christian in the West (be it a Medieval Catholic Europe or modern day Protestant America) often involves the following activities:
 - Sitting down in rows of pews facing the priest.
 - Listening dutifully to the pastor/priest.
 - Agreeing with most-all of what he says without question.
 - Being exceptionally amiable to everyone there.
 - Not creating anything new or thinking original thoughts.
 - On the whole acting like a little girl in school listening dutifully to her teacher.

What part of that is masculine?  What part of that Christian lifestyle allows a man to exert his own masculinity?  None.  He's told what to think, he's told what's right and wrong, he's told who the good guys and bad guys are, his entire life is dictated by men who subserviently follow what some other guy supposedly said.  How is that masculine?  On the whole, in my opinion, it isn't.  Christianity is not masculine.  Christianity a belief system, and like other belief systems it's followers are a herd.  Not individuals but a herd.  Hence why priests call their followers 'my flock', as in 'a flock of sheep'.  It's hard to consider for a man to consider himself masculine when the local priest is calling him a sheep every Sunday.

Christianity is a feminine belief system and not a masculine one ergo it is one that men should seek to avoid.  Instead of following the beliefs of others like a creature of the herd men should seek to determine truth for themselves, express their own viewpoints, their own Will, and their own creative energy.  That's what men should be doing every Sunday, rather than listening to a man like a little girl in primary school.  Creation beats imitation every time.



  1. I wonder... why did I ever like this blog?
    Christianity, as an organization is extremely masculine; demonizing or outright denying the feminie. But followers of it's true spiritual ethic deny neither side of their being.
    Just had to express my discontent before shoving off.

  2. Did you know, Christianity's first convert on mainland Europe was actually a woman? Lydia of Thyatira

    Did you know that some of the first Christians used to castrate themselves, ergo becoming like women?

    Did you know that the majority of church followers in 21st century USA are women?

    Did you know that many Christians in the USA get their baby boys circumcised?

    Need I go on.

    Christianity is feminine, not masculine. It never has been. The only reason people believe otherwise is because of good marketing.

  3. Christianity in the west I would say has become feminine as a whole, but look at wha Christ did He made a whip and beat the money changers out of the temple, He also said to buy a sword if you don't have one.. i myself have made my own, He also said dont fear,dont be a coward, also when He comes back a sword will come from His mouth. There is a time for being meek and a time for being bold. Nick

  4. Nick,
    yes he did make a whip to scare money lenders with, and tell people to "sell your cloak and buy a sword", but he also said "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword" aswell as "turn the other cheek". When you combine these messages (for the sake of argument, assuming they are both from the same source and not written by different people) they seem to say "buy a sword but never use it". In which case that sword ain't gonna be much good against anyone that attacks you, and if evildoers know this then it's totally pointless owning a sword because they know that you'll never use it.

    As for Jesus saying "don't fear" and "don't be a coward" then you're absolutely right. There are some good points in the bible, but there are good points in many religious texts, so Christianity isn't unique in that regards. I'm not saying that everything in the new testament is namby-pamby just that it is more feminine than masculine and that Christianity produces people who are largely feminine.