Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Female Personality Types Examined in the Manosphere

If a man were to get his weltanschaaung solely from the manosphere then he would most likely come to the conclusion that the world was populated by women who are either horny sluts, fat/obese women, Borderline Personality Disorder women, or traditional wives.  Quite an eclectic mix I think you'll agree!

There's no doubt that these groups/types of women a) do exist, b) are worth talking about to a certain extent.  But lets be honest, they don't constitute the whole population of womanhood in the Western world and you're not going to spend much of your life interacting with them.  For instance, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women make up ~2% of the population, so the chances that you'll meet anyone with BPD in the first place are slim; let alone forming a long-term or sexual relationship with them (unless you're a serial dater of course).  So reading blog after blog about BPD personality traits and such like truthfully doesn't make much sense except for the minority of men who know a woman with BPD.

A more sensible way would be to get a generalised overview on the multitude of personality types rather than learning every little idiosyncrasy about one or two specific personality types.  Obviously all of us are going to have to deal with many different people types over our life time, whether we're socialites or social-reclusives, so having a vague familiarity with all of them would be better than knowing one personality type inside-and-out.

For example if any of you ever get into a long term relationship, or get hitched, then you may end up getting married to a frigid woman (like THIS guy).  The frigid woman isn't a personality that isn't often mentioned amongst the (to use manosphere terms) bar-sluts, ameriskanks, fatties, hypergamous women and so on.  Yet if you end up getting involved with a woman who suffers from frigidity (or Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder to use psychological jargon) it's almost certainly something that you would like to have read about, even if it was only a basic description.

This is why it's better to have an holistic overview of many personality types rather than a detailed view of a few personality types because it means that you will be able to deal better with them if/when you encounter them.  And being able to see a multitude of personality types sure beats putting every woman you encounter into a handful of un-common ones.  I mean, classifying everyone into simplistic 'geeks' and 'jocks' categories is something we gave up at school FFS!



  1. So, if one wanted that holistic view, where would one find it?

    1. I've yet to find a guide for female personality types, which is why I didn't put any links up.

      But there is a good website which provides an overview of all psychological pathologies (like BPD and Manic-Depression, which women are more likely than men to suffer from) called - - and it goes into detail about each disorder explaining its traits in laymans terms.