Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Truth About Slavery

It was the ascendancy of the Western European Empires that brought about the end of the global slave trade.  Britain and France were the two powers who did the most to end slavery, not only in their own Empires, but also in other Empires and cultures throughout the world.  Think about that for a moment: White Western men of Empire ended an immoral institution that had existed throughout the entire world since time began.  An institution that had existed in all types of society from hunter gatherer tribes up to sophisticated industrialised societies.  That's quite some achievement.  And one that does not get mentioned frequently enough.

Instead of talking about how the West ended slavery, modern day culture is full of anti-Western and anti-White sentiment that perpetuates the distorted view of history that only white men were slavers and only black people were slaves.  It results in a toxic mix of wholly un-justified guilt amongst white people and un-justified indignation amongst black people.  The former can be seen when white people wear shackles around there feet as some kind of act of contrition for the crimes of their ancestors, and the constant drip-drip-drip of 'remember white people owned slaves in the USA' on film/TV/radio.  While the latter can be seen in the 'Descendant of Slave' mentality in the USA, and black countries seeking reparations against white ones (Jamaica recently sought reparations from the UK for being victims of the slave trade). 

It's all nonsense.  White people don't deserve guilt, and black people don't deserve righteous indignation.  Unfortunately though people believe the lies about slavery because they've been sold a distorted view of history.  A view that omits any facts that don't fit the appropriate narrative that 'White men are evil'.

Thankfully though in the modern world we have access, free access in many cases, to accurate information and thus can educate ourselves about such matter so that we don't succumb to White Guilt that is spewed out by Hollywood, television, radio, school textbooks and all the rest of it.

Below is a 40 minute video that has lots of accurate information about the slave trade, and should provide you with some facts with which to counter the mainstream view that only white people have been slavers.

Here is another video from Sargon of Akkad about how the British Empire ended the slave trade.  Sargon's a well known MRA and youtuber I'm sure you're all familiar with; he does a weekly ~30 minute podcast called 'This Week in Stupid', an amusing & entertaining podcast which covers some of the more dumbfoundingly idiotic news stories of the week.



  1. History is and agreement about what to tell about what had happened in the past. As long as you don’t ask for the truth you get no problems. But as soon you do care for truth you will face resistance.

    1. Yeah, what is it Schopenhauer said about truth?
      "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

      It's the same whether the truth is about physics, or history, or biology, or chemistry, or anything.

      Why people choose to believe un-truths is another matter though. Inertia (mental/physical/social habits) seems to plays a part. It's is a powerful force, it keeps people believing what they believe regardless of what the truth is.