Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Differences are Meant to Be Enjoyed, not Blended

Enjoying the differences that God and you and others created is a good thing.  Trying to blend them together to make 'A Better World (TM)' is not a good thing.  Most people, thankfully, understand that differences are on the whole good and are to be both enjoyed and respected.  Alas though there are a few (there's always one isn't there?!) who don't 'get it' and seek to improve the world by combining these differences, like races and genders, to make their own pale imitation of God's World.  Needless to say that their schemes are doomed from the outset.

The differences that these Lefties want to eliminate are familiar to most, probably all, of you.  Gender differences for instance is one that is constantly eroded in a bid to turn all humans into 'androgynous' beings, with little-no distinguishing features between them.  A few of the dualistic opposites that Lefties and other fools try to combine in a bid to make their 'Better World' are:
* Genders combined to make 'Androgynous' humans.
* Ages combined to make humans who are perpetual adolescents (who neither experience innocent childhood, nor mature into adults).
* Races combined to make the new 'Master Race' (a notion that's implied rather than uttered), like Jessica Ennis.
* Foods combined to make 'fusion food'.  (Cooking as expression is fine, because the chef simply uses whatever ingredients he wants to make his creation.  i.e. the ingredients are incidental to his creative intention.  Deliberately combining them however is wrong).
* Work and home combined to make 'telecommuting'.
* Sports combined to make absurd amalgams like 'Chess-Boxing'.

* The list goes on, and on, and on...

The numpties who want to liquidize the whole world and it's content up in to an amorphous morass don't get how revolting there creation would be.  They're only dealing with theoretical and hypothetical scenarios.  I mean who would want their dinner mixed up eh?! Main course and pudding all bunged into a food processor and pulverised into a brown sludge.  Ick.  Poor old Phil Anthrope certainly doesn't:

    Phil Anthrope had just got back from work and was sitting down to dinner in his dining room while his wife Ms Anthrope served it.
    "Mmmm, this stew and dumplings looks smashing luv.  And what's for afters?  Ice cream cake.  Smashing."
    Ms grabbed the plate of stew and dumplings that she'd just decanted from an ovendish and ambled over to the food processor
    "Hang on!  What're you doing?!"
    She poured it into a food processor, dumplings an' all.
    "Oh man!"
    Once she'd cleared the stew into the food processor she then moved on to the ice cream cake and forked it into the food processor.
    "Not the ice cream cake!?"
    She switched the food processor, obliterating the dinner.
    "I was really looking forward to that!"
    The concoction in the food processor took on a consistent texture and colour: brown sludge.
    "I don't 'Adam and Eve' this!"
    After annihilating the course she then poured out the tepid brown morass onto a a pair of plates.  The brown sludge crept towards the edge like a fresh cow-pat.
    "Enjoy it.  You racist!"  She barked while putting the dinner down in front of Phil.
    "What?!"  Said Phil incredulously.
    "Racist!"  Said she defiantly.
    Phil sighed, reached up to grab the phone from the sideboard and hit the speed dial button.  "Hello, Tony, I need a pizza."  Pause.  "Yeah again."  Pause.  "Yeah she's gone and thrown a wobbler on me."  Pause.  "No it's not the chicken Tandori and Tangerine Surprise, it was stew and ice-cream cake."  Pause.  "Yeah, I know, what a waste eh?!"  Pause.  "Sure, I'll be down to pick it up in 'alf a mo'."
    "I'm just gonna pick up a pizza from Tony's.  Do you want some?"
    Ms Anthrope had sat down to her plate of sludge and was scooping it up on a spoon.
    "Mmm-mmm.  This dinner tastes nice."  She said shuddering, and pulling a god-awful face after eating a mouthful."
    He shook his head and sighed.  "I'll bring you back some pizza."
    "I won't eat it!"
    "Yeah yeah.  That's what you said the last time."
    "I like this.  Yum yum."  She said ostentatiously, while holding her nose and swallowing another mouthful of the brown sludge.
    Phil rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness.  Then picked up his keys and wallet from the sideboard,  departing for saner realms via the back door.

And that's what the mentality of Lefties who want to turn the world into a grand mud-pie is like: impossible!  For whatever reason they insist of making the world FUBAR.  Yet despite turning the world into something that they proclaimed was better, that they proclaimed they would enjoy, they don't actually live in it.  Oh no.  Instead of living in their idea of utopia they do a runner and live somewhere completely different!  Un-flaming-believable! (That's an example of tmesis btw).

The world is meant to be enjoyed, it's meant to be different.  I mean, what was it that one of those old hippy-dippy types (Maharehsi Yogi) said? that life is 100% Unity and 100% Diversity .  Now obviously diversity means diversity.  It doesn't mean a brown, luke-warm, amorphous, sludge-pile.  It means difference.  Tall, short; physical, mental; extroverted, introverted; active, passive; blond, brunette; tea, coffee; PES 2015, FIFA 2015 (ok maybe not the last one, everyone 'knows' PES trumps FIFA).  It means celebrating that difference.  It means difference expressing oneself.  And to express oneself one must first be allowed to exist.  Combining everyone and everything (be they races, genders, ages, or dinners) into a single entity is not diversity.

God is (amongst many things) the centre, diversity (goodness and/or badness) grows like branches from the centre.  (Good or bad depending on whether the growth is a result of natural expression which is good, or as a result of sin which is bad.  Just think of good difference a tree-trunk which good branches grow out of towards the light; and bad difference as a straight road which has bad side-roads leading off of it into the wasteland.  They're both the same pattern but conform to different stereotypes: one good, one bad.)  Decent people acknowledge difference and mostly allow it to exist.  Indecent people (some on the political Left) see difference, but want to eliminate it.  They want to eliminate it by creating their 'superior world' which is but a pale imitation of God's world (the centre from which difference spawned). 

God is the centre and allowed difference to grow out of him, yet lefties want to return to God's centre by combining the differences together.  Which is a really bad idea.  Not to mention dumb!  How can destroying two rights (branches from the tree of life) be good?  Or how can combining two wrongs (deviance's from the road of righteousness) makes a right?  It isn't!  It's not rocket science.  Good is good and bad is bad, trying to combine them to make the world 'A Better Place (TM)' ain't gonna work.  And it's just gonna cause a whole lotta grief for the folks who live here.

Which is why, at the end of the day, the differences that we see and touch everyday are meant to be enjoyed.  Differences that range from the great like planets and stars, to the small like dinner and pudding.  So enjoy your main course and pudding separately: as separates that are an expression of goodness, and as separates that are part of a whole.



  1. I'm sorry, but I really feel the need to point this out.
    I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying here - before I read this post I never had heard of people wanting to "combine races" or the like, which to me sounds pretty... illogical. However, in your anecdote, you used items such as "stew and dumplings" and "ice cream cake" as examples of perfectly fine foodstuff that was defiled by the wicked act of combining things. But aren't "stew and dumplings" two things combined together? Ice cream cake is the wondrous product of mixing ice cream and cake. And even further, dumplings are a mix of both filling and skin, and the fillings aren't always just made of one ingredient either. Skin doesn't taste too swell on its own, but together with filling it's something even better. Some mixing isn't all that bad.

    Well, that's what I think. Just thought it was a bit odd that your example was a bit contradicting of your argument. If you want to elaborate, fine, but I'm really not looking for an internet squabble that is often the product of drawn-out online conversations, so be warned that I probably won't reply.


    1. But aren't "stew and dumplings" two things combined together.

      If you want to elaborate, fine, but I'm really not looking for an internet squabble that is often the product of drawn-out online conversations, so be warned that I probably won't reply.

      No worries. I'll explain as best as I can.

      You're right that Stew and Dumplings are two things combined, as are all foods. Even at the most basic level plant and/or animal matter is a combination of hydrogen, carbon and other atoms. And atoms are combinations of electrons, protons and so forth. So all things are comprised of different elements. These different elements (electrons, plants, foods etc) are not created by combining different elements together though, but rather they utilise different elements to express their own nature (for want of a better word). Like a chef who uses different ingredients to express his own creative will. The opposite of this is to intentionally combine disparate elements together, rather than merely utilising them. That's the point that I'm driving at really. That creation utilises difference to express itself whereas mixers intentionally mix opposites together.

      If you want a real life example then look no further than the Communist Manifesto which explicitly states that ones of its goals is to merge the countryside with the town.

      9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country