Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Politics and the Masses are Feminine

This was the conclusion of one of the worlds best known politicians and public speakers: Adolf Hitler.

Regardless of what you think of him as a human being or his politics you've got to give him credit for being an effective politician and public speaker.  The only way that he could be successful as either was to understand them both.  And understand them he did.  It's why he got such a dedicated following during his lifetime, and still has a following 60 years after he passed on.

Successful political men are those who are sensitive to emotion.  Who appreciate it.  Who can manoeuvre it and channel it like an opera.  An opera that holds audiences in its thrall.  Who can get them to dance, to sing, to feel joy, to feel humble, to feel.  Emotions.

To understand feeling is to be successful in the political world and the world of public speaking.  The academic muttering of monotone voices, people who are dry and joyless will not grab peoples joy-parts (ahem!).  After all people are people, and people like emotion.  They like sex, love, rousing passion, all those sorts of things.  It's why they go to the cinema to watch and hear exciting movies, rather than to lectures delivered by nasal-sounding men.  I mean how many of you have mp3 files of lectures on your computer, phones or portable media device?  Not many I'll wager.  But some of you will certainly have music and/or movies.  That shows us that people like emotion; that they are moved by, and drawn to, emotion.  That is what Adolf understood, and that is (partly) why he was so successful.

Anyway, here's the relevent quote by Hitler from John Toland's epic biography: Adolf Hitler (and can be found on Amazon-USA HERE, or Amazon-UK HERE):
One day [Hitler] told [the Hanfstaengls] "The mass, the people, to me is a woman," and likened his audience to a woman.  "Someone who does not understand the intrinsically feminine characteristic of the mass will never be an effective speaker.  Ask yourself what does a woman expect from a man?  Clearness, decision, power, action....  If she is talked to properly she will be proud to sacrifice, because no woman will ever feel that her life's sacrifices have received their due fulfilment."  Another time he asserted that he would never marry.  "My only bride is my Motherland," he said, referring to a nation commonly known as the Fatherland.  In that case, Hanfstaengl jokingly replied, why not take a mistress?  "Politics is a woman," replied Hitler.  "Love her unhappily and she will bite off your head." 
(Source: Toland R. (1976), 'Adolf Hitler', Doubleday & Company Inc, New York.  [Page 136])

P.S.  I picked up a copy from a second hand book store for 50p.  50p!  This thing is huge, it's ~1000 pages long.  It's so thick you could use it to beat whales to death with!  It's so thick that if it fell off the bookshelf and onto the floor it would cause an earthquake that would register 8.8 on the Richter scale.  8.8.. geddit?!  And yet despite it's gargantuan size it's still a good read.)


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