Monday, 18 January 2016

Carrie-Anne Moss says "It's a great time to be a woman". Three Word Rebuttal: 'Cologne, Sweden, Rotherham.'

Came across this corker of a headline, and had to post it:
‘Jessica Jones’ Co-star Carrie-Anne Moss: ‘It’s a Great Time To Be a Woman’
It's illustrative of the facile way in which some people perceive the world.  They focus upon the  frivolous side of life, while ignoring the serious of life (both positive and negative).

In Canada, Carrie-Anne Moss raves about 'How it's a great time to be a woman', because she get's to portray a lesbian affair between a comic book heroine and her co-worker!  Woohoo!  You go girlfriend!  Girl Power!  It's a great time to be alive because you can... snog a woman!  Let's ignore all the 'boring' concerns like neo-natal health care, and empathy.  I mean, the ability to snog a woman is so much better than those things.  Right?

Let's look at what the world would be like for a woman like Carrie-Anne should she not live in the modern day West with it's advances in health care technology (the name Ignaz Semmelweiss spring to mind), and human compasion (as exhibited by men like William Wilberforce).  Let's read what life might be for Carrie-Anne:
The mutilation of young girls’ vaginas is also practiced by the Aboriginal [Australians], “in which old men roll emu feathers with a loop of hair. This device is put into the vagina and then removed, pulling away a large part of the womb. The rest of the womb is then cut horizontally and vertically with a stone knife. When this wound is healed, the girl is then circumcised and made to have intercourse with many young men. The mix of blood and semen is collected and given to frail tribesmen as a fortifying elixir.”103 Again, the fusion with the Killer Mother’s blood is imagined to increase the strength of the male who is uncertain of his masculinity. Males marry many wives and even rape their own daughters104 in order to fortify their masculinity, and fathers often have “boy-wives” to absorb some of their maleness.105 It is not surprising that with both boys and girls “almost their only, and certainly their supreme, game was coitus,” particularly “licking the vagina of girls” to increase their strength.106 Gang raping is constant among Aboriginals, as it is in all tribal cultures.107 Roheim calls the constant rape of Aboriginal children “far more ‘normal’ than the sexuality of the European male” since “their repression of sexuality need not be as deep as it is among Europeans.”108 
(Source: 'The Origins of War in Child Abuse' by Lloyd deMause; Child Abuse, Homicide and Raids in Tribes)
That's one paragraph from an essay on the subject of child abuse throughout history.  It doesn't make for easy reading, but the serious side of life often doesn't.  The side of life that Carrie-Anne and others like her, for whatever reason, choose to ignore.

If a man were to make a comment along the lines of "It's a great time to be a man, because I can wear a sarong." people would laugh.  Rightly so.  It's so silly it's ridiculous.  It's a comment that betrays the shallow-mindedness of the person making the comment.  Either that, or someone who's wholly oblivious to the world around them.  The fact that he 'is' alive to wear the sarong in the first place is more remarkable than the fact that he can wear it.  At any other point in history there's a good chance that he would have died from disease (smallpox, cholera, diarrhea etc), been killed in a random bar-brawl/street-fight (modern society is the most passive/non-violent society known in history; modern-day gun/violent crime is nothing compared to hunter-gatherer violence), or would've died in war (wars are pretty much non-existent now).  Those are the aspects of life that we should be paying attention to (improved technology and empathy/compassion), not the ability to snog another woman while being payed handsomely for it.

What else is happening in the world, while Ms Moss is snogging her on-screen bosom buddy, what makes it patently clear that it is not a great time to be a woman? 

Cologne anyone?
His admission came as police in Cologne said the number of complaints of violence filed over the New Year festivities has reached 516 – with 40 per cent relating to sexual assault. 
'Those in focus of criminal police investigations are mostly people from North African countries,' police said in a statement. 'The majority of them are asylum seekers and people who are in Germany illegally.' 
Rotherham (that Feminists are complicit in)?
The reports are almost unbelievable – and certainly not for the squeamish. They describe a ring of vicious [Pakistani] sex traffickers who preyed on adolescent girls and operated with impunity for years, as authorities deliberately ignored and even covered up the evidence.

Swedish music festival per chance? 
Swedish police face allegations of a cover-up for failing to inform the public of widespread sexual assaults against teenage girls at a music festival last summer. (..)Mr Gyllander could not confirm the ethnicity of the alleged attackers in Stockholm but said "this involves young men who are not from Sweden".

These crimes are never dealt with by shallow minded people mentioned because they are serious and require serious thought [1], and more often than not require the individual to dispose of their erroneous beliefs and acquire new ones (i.e. to grow up), which they are loathe to do.  (Just witness the infantile protests of English feminists who boldly claim that the sexual abuses that have been committed in Cologne have not been committed by immigrants, despite all the evidence to the contrary).

Yes, it's certainly a great time to be a woman...  What a div she is.  She focuses on the most facile activity she can engage in (snogging) and ignores both the serious positives (amazing health care) and negatives (gang raping Pakis) for women in the modern world.  Some people really are oblivious to the world that they live in.  Such a shame.

Footnote 1: 
Unlike Carrie-Anne feminists are serious minded, and they have a reason for not reporting the atrocities committed by Muslims against white women: It's because they are crimes that are being committed by fellow criminals in the gang.  (It is a criminal gang: a group of disparate elements, who have no love for each other, are working together to carve up a target.  Once the target is taken down, they'll turn on one another.)

Feminists made it patently clear that they are allied with groups who are opposed to cultural norms in White Western Civilization (monarchy, capitalism, Christianity especially Catholicism, patriarchy, nuclear family, parliamentary democracy etc).  Groups like communists, single-mothers, licentious homosexuals, and.. Muslims.  You know, Muslims like Abu Raghead and his chums who are molesting there way through the cities of Germany, Sweden, England, and the rest of Europe.  With friends like those who needs enemies.



  1. Great to be a women?! Reality proofes him wrong. The future is definitely not women, it's a bad time to be a women in the 21st century.

    1. Feminists and leftists in general have a habit of brushing the bad news under the carpet. Any news or facts that disprove their worldview gets shouted down or ignored. It's why we haven't heard about the sex crimes committed against women, because they are committed by non-whites, who feminists and leftists are allied with.

      As long as leftists are in charge the future will only get bleaker for women, both in Europe and the rest of the world.