Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Old Men Are Worn Out and Useless? Are they Heck!

Old codgers, weird uncles, dirty old men.  Those are some of the stereotypes that the average Joe or Jane might think of if you say the phrase 'old man' to them.  Stereotypes that aren't exactly flattering.  Not exactly positive you would say.  But that's how it is in the 21st West.  Youth gets trumped and age gets tramped on.  Not nice.  All that age and life experience just negated, cast aside like a used tampon.  [Sigh] But what can you do aye?

Ooh, I know what we can do!  Let's..

..not agree with them!  Let's say "bollocks" to those negative stereotypes.  Let's 'plumb the depths' of our brains (that's a nautical term btW) and the inter-web and find a bunch of well known 'old timers' who can provide us with a positive stereotype.  A gaggle of geezers who can show us what mischief old men can up to given half the chance.

Brian Blessed
Folk from the UK will know Brian and his booming voice, the kind that makes people grin.  For the rest of you HERE is a clip of Brian's trademark enthusiasm.

And here's an example of what he's been up to.  The oldest man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen.

Ranulph Fiennes
This dude is like a friggin Duracell bunny.  He just doesn't stop!  Marathon after marathon he runs, when he should be sat in a comfy arm chair with a cup of tea, plate of digestives, watching marathon of Midsomer Murders!

There's a whole company of them ('racist' Afrikaans) saving black people in Nigeria from the Islamic terrorist group (why is it always an Islamic terrorist group, never a Christian one, or a Taoist one, or a Buddhist one?) Bokul Haram (not to be confused with Procul Harum the 1960s pop group).
Leon Lotz was once a member of Koevoet – “crowbar” in Afrikaans – a paramilitary police unit created by South Africa’s apartheid regime to root out guerrillas in what is now Namibia. Thirty years later, something persuaded him to take up arms again in a foreign country. He was killed in March, apparently by friendly fire from a tank in northern Nigeria. Among the most striking facts about Lotz was his age: 59. A wealth of media reports, witness accounts and photos on social media suggest that he was not the only white mercenary who helped turn the tide against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in recent weeks, ­allowing Nigeria to hold a relatively peaceful election last month. Whether as technical advisers or frontline combatants, some are said to have come from the former Soviet Union but about 300 are reportedly from South Africa and nearing retirement age. 

Well there we have it, a motley collection of 'old timers' who disprove the cultural meme that old men are 'has-beens', or sexual perverts, or pathetic, or worthless in some way or another.

God, doesn't it get tiring debunking these misandric memes?  Does it bollocks!  Screw the lot of them!  Viva la hombre!  Long live men!



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