Monday 19 November 2012

Havamal Snippets 3: Physiological Needs

It's Wednesday (Woden/Odin's Day) which means that it's time for another verse from the Havamal 'Sayings of the High One - Odin'. The poem full of wisdom, both everyday and ethereal. (The poem can be found in full HERE):
3. Fire is needful
to him who is come in,
and whose knees are frozen;
food and rainment
a man requires,
who o’er the fell has travelled.

Take care of the physiological/bodily needs of your kinsman.  Know where they have come from, and the kinds of toil they may have endured on the journey, be it mild or torrid.  A stressful car journey, delays on the train, and uncomfortable bus ride, or whatever.


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