Sunday 9 June 2013

Havamal Snippets 61: Mind and body are more important than clothes

It's Wednesday (Woden/Odin's Day) which means that it's time for another verse from the Havamal 'Sayings of the High One - Odin'. The poem full of wisdom, both everyday and ethereal. (The poem can be found in full HERE):
61. Washed and refected
let a man ride to the Thing,
although his garments be not too good;
of his shoes and breeches
let no one be ashamed,
nor of his horse,
although he have not a good one.

Attending a meeting (in Nordic a meeting is called a Thing, the Icelandic parliament is called the Althing) of local men, attire is of little importance, it is a healthy body and mind that matter.


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