Wednesday 11 September 2013

Havamal Snippets 89: Do not put your trust in damaged things

I have no idea what this stanza is about other than 'things not to trust'.  Any insight would be useful.


Bróðurbana sínum
þótt á brautu mœti
húsi hálfbrunnu
hesti alskjótum
þá er jór ónýtr
ef einn fótr brotnar
verðit maðr svá tryggr
at þessu trúi öllu

In his brother-slayer,
though he is met on the road,
in a half-burnt house,
in a horse too-speedy --
a steed is useless
if he breaks a foot --
a man should not be so trustful
that he trusts all these.


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