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Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs 19 - Odinian Rhapsody

This edition of ‘Alternative Lyrics’ has a re-written song from the decade that brought us cultural-clobber like platform shoes, long hair and psychedelic colours.

If you’re interested in re-writing lyrics to songs then you might want to try using one or more of the following techniques:
a) Work with songs that you’re familiar with and that you enjoy listening to. It’s a lot quicker than familiarising yourself with new songs and then coming up with some alternative lyrics.
b) Write down any lyrics that just pop into your head when you first hear the song.
c) Find a copy of the original lyrics on-line, then read them and note how many syllables each line has. Then when you write your own lyrics, you can make sure that each line has the same number of syllables in it as the original. Doing this helps the alternative lyrics to sound ‘right’ when sung over the original.
d) Occasionally use words that are phonetically similar to the original lyrics. 
This makes the alternative lyrics sound better when sung over the original song track.

The Song: Odinian Rhapsody (based on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)
This is a song from the first-person perspective about how one mans struggle to liberate himself from the Big Mother state. A state which denies him his freedom to think and behave and travel where he pleases. In this case the man is one of
Odin’s own, and so the man uses ‘Wod’ (which is a kind of fury, a rage, that is used to destroy anything tyrannical) to liberate himself by destroying Big Mother. The squiggly parenthesis { } are used whenever Big Mother is speaking.

‘Big Mother’ is a more accurate term for the commonly used ‘Big Brother‘ (originally coined by George Orwell as a name for a totalitarian government). Credit to Ryu for first coining the phrase.

The lyrics include seven Norse-Pagan terms: Odin is a God you’ve all heard of, Hod and Hermod are two of Odins sons, Sleipnir is Odin's horse, Wod is a kind of righteous rage/fury, Valknut is a three-triangle symbol of Odin, and ‘Crooked-Cross’ is a Swastika (as used by many cultures around the world including Celts, Greeks, Buddhists).

Lean forward, play the music and sing along (if only in your head)

# Odinian Rhapsody #
This isn’t real life.
This is a fantasy.
Caught in a labrynth.
With no escape from th’ evil tyranny.
So, open your mind.
Look up to the Gods and see.
I’m just a Wod boy, I need my liberty.
Because I need to come, need to go,
in my mind and in my boots.
Any way Odin blows, his will really matters to me, to me.

Big Mother, just killed a man.
Put ritalin in his head.
Screwed his mind up, now it’s dead.
Big Mother, his life had just begun.
But now you’ve gone and thrown it all away.
Big Mother, ooo.
You need to let me go.
If I’m not allowed to go by this time tomorrow,
I will Wod, I will Wod, because Odin really matters.

Too late, your time has come.
As you will not let me be.
I will destroy you totally.
So goodbye Big Mother, you’ve got to go.
So I can wander on out there and find the truth.
Big Mother, ooo {any way Odin blows}.
You’ve just gotta die.
I sometimes wish you’d never been born at all.

I see some little Nordic symbols on the wall,
Crooked cross, crooked cross, Valk-knot and two white pine trees.
{Odin riding Sleipnir very, very frightening for me.}
Hod and Hermod,
{Hod and Hermod}.
Hod and Hermod,
{Hod and Hermod}.
Hod and Hermod, will hear my call.
{will hear his call}

I’m just a Wod boy, Big Mother hates me.
{He’s just a Wod boy one of Odin’s family.}
{We won’t let him live his life as Odin intended he.}
The Wod it comes, the Wod it goes, will you let me Wod?
{Big Mother: No! We will not let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{Big Mother: We will not let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{Big Mother: We will not let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{Will not let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{Never let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{Never let you Wod}
Let me Wod!
{No, no, no, no, no, no, no -}
B-Big Mother, B-Big Mother, Big Mother let me Wod.
{Big Mother is completely terrified of thee,}
{of thee,}
{of thee!}

So you think you can tame me and milk me dry.
So you think you can fuck me and leave me to die.
Big Mother – I’ve destroyed you Big Mother.
Now I can get out, now I can get right outta here.

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah.
Odin really matters,
anyone can see.
Odin really matters.
Odin really matters to me.

Any way Odin blows.

[End of Lyrics]

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