Sunday 16 March 2014

Havamal Snippets 131: Be warey of: ale, other mens girlfriends, thieves

This stanza is a pretty straightforward list of things that you ought to be wary/cognisant when dealing with: ale, other mens wives/girlfreinds, and thieves (I suppose this could be extended to include con-artists).  The benefit of being wary/cognisant is a common theme throughout the Havamal.  Such as being wary of ones surroundings as in stanzas 1 and 6, or wary of other people as in stanza 7, or not drinking ale because it causes forgetfulness (which is the opposite of wariness).

Ráðumk þér Loddfáfnir
en þú ráð nemir
njóta mundu ef þú nemr
þér munu góð ef þú getr
varan bið ek þik vera
en eigi ofvaran
ver þú við öl varastr
ok við annars konu
ok við þat it þriðja
at þjófar ne leiki 
I advise you, Loddfafnir,
to take advice;
you would benefit, it you took it,
good will come to you, if you accept it:
wary I bid you be,
but not too wary:
with ale be the most wary
and with another's woman,
and with a third thing,
that thieves do not trick you.


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