Wednesday 9 April 2014

Havamal Snippets 136: Make sure your door has a good lock

This stanza is a continuation of the previous stanza 135 (which stresses the importance of treating guests well) because it highlights that in addition to treating guests well, hosts should also have a good & securable door (in Viking times this meant a beam across the door, in modern times this means a Yale lock) which the home-owner can use to keep out unwanted or malevolent people.

Rammt er þat tré
er ríða skal
öllum at upploki
baug þú gef
eða þat biðja mun
þér læs hvers á liðu
Powerful is that beam
that must move from side to side
to open for all;
give a ring,
or it will call down
every evil on your limbs



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