Tuesday 6 May 2014

Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs 25 - Matriarchs Prison

If you read any of the many blogs in the Androsphere for any period of time, then you'll start to notice how much they focus on certain female personality types: the cheating girlfriend, the gold digger, the BDP woman and others.  But one type that I haven't seen mentioned all that often is the controlling/domineering woman.  This weeks edition of 'alternative lyrics' is based on this particular personality type, the woman that controls a mans life.

This song caricatures the female dominated household as a matriarchs prison, because that's effectively what it is: a prison run by a mothering-type woman.  If a man doesn't exert most, or at least some, control over the affairs of the household, then he ceases to be free in it.  No freedom = a prison.  And if that prison is run by a woman, or a mother, then it's a matriarch.  Simple!

Unfortunately, female run housholds seem to be an increasing trend in Western society, notably the USA.  This is an occurance in single-parent households, where single-mothers predominate, as well as household with a husband and wife.  The former is demonstrated by single-parent families (which are mainly female headed), and the latter point is exemplified by the rise of the 'man cave'.  A man cave is effectively a male refuge: a small, unwanted corner of the homested (unwanted by the woman notice), where he can feel free to be himself, to be manly, without the risk of upsetting 'the little woman' or incurring onto any of her territory (territory which seems to expand like urban sprawl into the countryside: first she controlled the kitchen, then it was the bathroom, then it was the bedroom, then it was the hallway etc).  He is free to be himself there, to be manly, without any judgement or complaints from any women.  At first glance this might be seen as a good deal because both parties are happy.  But in reality it's not.  Why?  Because the man has given up his freedom.  The woman control the house, what it looks like on the inside, what it looks like on the outside, what it smells like, who enters it, who leaves it, what goes in it, what goes out of it, everything.  He, the man of the house, has given up control without any protest at all.  It's like he's satisifed to be treated like a child.  It's almost like he's isolated himself on an American-Indian Reservation without so much as a complaint.  And men in the West consider themselves to be free?  Really?!

Well, something's got to change.  Either men are going to take control over the affairs of the household and over the affair's of the country, or they're both going to sink quietly into the night.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here's the song itself.  Based on some Johnny Cash Country and Western for all you folks from the Southern States, who love jeans & stetsons, root beer and quadrilateral dancing (or is it square dancing, I forget!).

Play the music video shown above and sing along with the alternative lyrics given below.

# Matriarch's Prison #
I hear the hope train comin'
It's rollin' 'round the bend.
And I ain't been optimistic since
I don't know when.
I'm stuck in matriarchs prison,
with no hope at all.
But that train keeps on going
without me aboard.

When I was just a nipper
my father told me "Son,
always be a wise man
don't ever submit to girls."
But I knelt before a woman,
and offered her my life.
When I hear that whistle blowin'
I hang my head and cry.

I bet there's wise men doing what they will
they're probably livin' freely
without a care in the world.
Well I guess I had it comin'
I guess I can't be free.
But that's what you get
for submittin' to girlies.

Well if I broke out of this prison
If I got onto that train
Then I guarantee that I would no longer complain
Far from Matriarchs Prison
that's where I want to be.
And I'd live out my mortal life
with total joy and harmony.


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  1. You can see the accurate portrayal of these women in "fairy tales," especially the Brothers Grimm.