Sunday 17 February 2013

Havamal Snipepts 29: Be Warey of the Silver Tongued

It's Wednesday (Woden/Odin's Day) which means that it's time for another verse from the Havamal 'Sayings of the High One - Odin'. The poem full of wisdom, both everyday and ethereal. (The poem can be found in full HERE):
29. He utters too many
futile words
who is never silent;
a garrulous tongue,
if it be not checked,
sings often to its own harm.
Be warey of those who speak at too quickly, or use words that are too ostentatious or uncommon (such as jargon, or buzz words like Tsunami instead of tidal wave), for they are not as wise as they appear. Women speak more words than men per day and often do so just to inflict psychical/mental discomfort in the other person.



  1. I prefer the Havamal. It is thoroughly and exclusively European. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Ryu. Many have almost certainly heard of other pithy wisdom books like the 'Book of Proverbs' and 'The Art of War'; but how many have heard of Havamal? I certainly hadn't until I stumbled across it while 'link hopping' a few years ago.

    It's a gem of commonsense (or 'Man Wit' as it's written in Havamal) right in our own backyard, and seemingly hidden from us while foreign literature is promoted. Somethings wrong with that.

    (Sorry I took so long in responding; there was a problem with the software or something. Seems okay now though.)