Sunday 7 April 2013

Havamal Snippets 43: Return like for like

It's Wednesday (Woden/Odin's Day) which means that it's time for another verse from the Havamal 'Sayings of the High One - Odin'. The poem full of wisdom, both everyday and ethereal. (The poem can be found in full HERE):
43. To his friend
a man should be a friend,
to him and to his friend;
but of his foe
no man shall
the friend’s friend be.

Treat people who have wilfully chosen to be friends of yours in a friendly manner, and people who have wilfully chosen to be enemies of yours in a hostile manner.
Christ's words: 'Love thine enemies, are only useful when the enemy has some will of doing good and wants to redeem themselves, otherwise it is profitless'.
Christ used a whip to drive out the money lenders from the temple and called the Pharisees the sons of Satan, because neither of them had good will in them, neither wanted to redeem themselves.


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