Wednesday 12 November 2014

Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs 32 - Pirozhki's

(Pirozhki's is based on the 1970's song 'Confusion' by E.L.O.)

A light-hearted 'Alternative Lyrics' post this week about a well known pastry: Pirozhkis.  Pirozhkis in Russia are similar to Cornish Pasties in England, or Empanadas in Mexico, or Briks in Algeria, or Samosas in Iran, or Gyōza in Japan, in that they are a made of a layer of pastry/dough (of varying thickness) wrapped around a handful of foodstuffs (be it meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit), which is then cooked.  They are a simple invention that were created independently in different cultures that did not have much contact with one another.

The fact that almost identical inventions can take place in cultures that don't have any contact with one another shows us that different cultures, ergo different men, can invent/create identical things (like pasties) by themselves without any influence from other people.  This is important to consider when dealing with grand theories of 'cultural evolution of humanity' which espouse a belief that a single source is solely responsible for growth of all human civilization.  If we know that invention can occur via many sources simultaneously then it means that no one single source can claim to be the sole source of the idea; Which is especially important when dealing with new spriritual/philosophical ideas.

A person or culture that claims that it is the sole source of a metaphysical idea (like monotheism does i.e. Judaism, Christianity, & Islam) is being dis-honest.  It is trying to make a monopoly, a stranglehold, over that particular metaphysical idea so that no other people can have access to it or lay claim to it.  Just look how the monotheisms call themselves 'the one true faith' despite the fact that they: a) are in constant competition against one another for the right to hold the monopoly, b) actually stole the ideas that make up their belief system from other cultures (e.g. the Noah's Flood is a rip-off of the Epic of Gilgamesh).  Imagine if a corporation (like, say, Pfizer) tried to form a monopoly over a scientific truth that was fundamental to human life (like the cure for cancer) stole the discovery from another corporation and then decided to hold on to the intellectual property rights for the next 10,000 years, wouldn't most right-minded people consider that to be immoral?  It's the same with metaphysical/spiritual truths as it is with physical truths: any culture and any man can have access to them, and if they are discovered then no one has a right to monopolise them..

Be wary of people who claim that they are 'the sole possessor of truth' (whether that truth is physical or metaphysical).  The reality is that no one man or culture has a right to make a claim over inventions or ideas (be inventions like pasties or ideas like re-incarnation) and monopolize them.  Monopolies are immoral.  It's why we admire the Greek God Prometheus and often champion 'the Promethean Spirit' (i.e.stealing/liberating knowledge held by tyrants and sharing it to all) because he stopped the Olympian Gods from monopolising the ability to make fire.  All humans have the free access to their own creative juices with which they can invent new things and ideas, such as pasties.  It's a notion worth considering when we are finding out truths for ourselves (in the Androsphere, more often than not it's truths about the sexes) - that other cultures, other men, can also find them individual as well, sometimes simultaneously.

Anyhow, that's it for the pastry-oriented philosophy, we'll move on to the song, which alas doesn't have any philosophical undertones, just a few hints: to get out there and travel, plan for the journey (i.e. think ahead), and finally to show a little kindness to fellow travelers.

Play the song in the music video above and sing along with the alternative lyrics given below.

# Pirozhkis #
Everywhere the sun is shining.
So bright I'll go a-biking.
But first I'll buy
food-from Gre-e-e-egs.

Pirozhkis, you delicious small snack.
Pirozhkis, are all I need in my backpack.
I've got a hole that just needs to be filled. {Needs to be filled.}
But it's not big enough to need a whole meal. {A whole meal}

Afternoon I'm out there bikin'.
and suddenly my tum starts rumblin'.
And I rummage around in
my backpa-a-ack.

Pirozhkis, I don't know which I should eat.
Pirozhkis, the one filled with fish or with meat.
I've got a hole that just needs to be filled. {Needs to be filled.}
But it's not big enough to need a whole meal. {A whole meal}

Here comes a fellow biker.
Who stops right beside ya.
He feels the pang
of hunger-er-er-er.

Pirozhkis, are what you offer to him.
Pirozhkis, he is oh so grateful for them.
He's got a hole that just needs to be filled. {Needs to be filled}.
But it's not big enough to need a whole meal. {A whole meal.}

[End of lyrics.]

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