Sunday 6 October 2013

Havamal Snippets 95: A man needs to do what he loves

Love is important, even for the wise man.  Loving something, having passion for something, be it poetry, writing, sports, socialising, speaking, gardening, programming or whatever is important for human beings.  Living creatures are more than just biological machines.  Utopias fail to take into account this spiritual/emotional need, and they end up focussing on money, or nutrition, or statistics of some kind.  People are people and not numbers.  Respect and love are vital things for all living creatures.  Those of you who have had pets will know this.  All living things need love both as something that they 'do' (like a fisherman who loves his job) or something they recieve (like a child recieving love from a parent).  People who are deprived of both of these suffer, badly.  Wire frame babies who grow up without love suffer from psychological disorders and physiological brain damage.  Find what you love and keep doing it.  And if you've already found that what you love, then share that love with others!  Let them see your passion in action and writing!

Hugr einn þat veit
er býr hjarta nær
einn er hann sér um sefa
øng er sótt verri
hveim snotrum manni
en sér øngu at una

Only the mind knows
what lives near the heart;
a man is alone with his own spirit.
There is no sickness worse
for any wise man
than to have nothing to love.


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