Wednesday 30 October 2013

Havamal Snippets 98: How Odin gets 'to have his way' with a woman

I don't know what to make of this verse, so I've had to copy and paste another persons interpretation of it.  Here it is, and it's translated (via bing translator, google translator wasn't much cop) from French, as the author did not have an English version.

The daughter of Billingr refers herself as a man, that she is pretending to desire a sexual relationship as much as Odhinn. She speaks of his behaviour as 'a mistake' or, at least as 'misconduct'. It is therefore still seeming to go account that its proposal is outsized. I guess that this is to permanently convince Odhinn leave quiet for now and that so there will be even more fun with it the next night. His cunning will fully succeed. We must also ask why it considers necessary to resort to such a ruse. I see no other reason Odhinn was sufficiently pressing to make it fear of being raped if she refuses completely. We will see with 102 that Odhinn appears to have well understood, after the fact, that haste has pushed the daughter of Billingr to deceive him so that it expresses by "ef gorva kannar" that we will translate differently from other versions.

It is definitely tricky. 'Misleading' is same slightly strong insofar as it does to defend his freedom to have consensual sexual relations. It is certainly not 'inconsistent' or 'flighty' which again confirms the interpretation of brigd ('break' rather than 'inconsistency') we've seen in stanza 84.

Auk nær apni
skaltu Óðinn koma
ef þú vilt þér mæla man
alt eru ósköp
nema einir viti
slíkan löst saman 

"So towards evening,
Othinn, you must come,
if you want to win the maid for yourself;
all is amiss,
unless we alone know
of such shame."


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